Stop Idaho from Killing Wolves

Gray Wolf

Target: Governor Butch Otter

Goal: Repeal bill that removes protections for wolves from state wildlife agency

State lawmakers in Idaho approved a bill providing $400,000 to kill off 500 wolves. This bill will also take management away from the state’s wildlife agency and place it into the hands of a board called “the wolf depredation control board,” whose members are appointed by the governor of Idaho, who wishes to see kill wolves once federal protections are removed. With wolves making a return into our environment, it is crucial that they remain protected.

Recently, Idaho sent a bounty hunter to kill two packs of wolves and plans were announced to rid 60% of the wolf population in another state. The state’s politicians don’t seem to care about the loss of wolves since they are drafting laws for their extermination. Ever since Congress removed the wolves’ protected status in 2011, 1,600 wolves have been killed, despite the United States working tirelessly for 40 years to ensure their numbers would increase. The species were driven to the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states when settlers and the government trapped, poisoned, and shot these magnificent creatures. When the species was reintroduced into Yellowstone Park, Congress removed the wolves’ protection, stating that state agencies could regulate them.

Unfortunately Idaho has begun hunting these wolves, killing them with the same ruthless attitude as they did before wolves were listed under the Endangered Species Act. What’s worse, these killings are official through the state. In the United States, wolves only make up 5% of what their natural habitat used to be. Their presence is crucial for the balance of our ecosystems and Idaho wishes to get rid of them. With the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wanting to remove all federal protections for wolves in the lower 48 states, their survival is dependent upon laws providing them protection and human beings. Sign the petition below if you want wolves to be protected by the state’s wildlife agency, and not in the hands of board members who wish to exterminate them.


Dear Governor Butch Otter,

I understand you wish to be the first to kill an Idaho wolf once federal protections are lifted from these animals. I find it repulsive that you are so keen to take an animal’s life and I also find it repulsive that a new bill in your state provides funding for the extermination of wolves and handing over management responsibilities for their well being over to a board that you hand selected. It is obvious that you do not care for wolves despite all of the valiant efforts made from activists to return wolves back into the wild.

I am writing this letter to urge you to repeal this bill for our wolves. It would deeply sadden and anger me if after the nation’s efforts to rebuild the wolf population, they are sent back to the brink of extinction thanks to ruthless and heartless laws. Wolves are predators and yes, they are a nuisance to ranchers, however they are a part of our planet’s ecosystems and regulate the numbers of prey on our land.


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Photo credit: USFWSmidwest via flickr

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  1. Still the killing of wolves continues! Would one of these ahem, “Lawmakers” kill their dog?! People, this has to stop – we are screwing with the balance of nature! And to the ranchers/farmers that cry foul, to hell with you! If you want to raise livestock, then spend your own damn money to protect your animals! Do not expect the states & their taxpayers to foot the bill for your sheep, cattle & chickens!

  2. Idaho has shown itself to be run by a bunch of ignorant sickos time after time, with one scheme after another to murder wolves. Perhaps they should study the results of the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone. It is doubtful than any residents would want to give up these benefits. We really need federal protection to stop creeps like those in Idaho (and a couple of other states).

  3. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    Killing these beautiful innocent creatures is so wrong, Idaho has a bad reputation world wide for it’s animal cruelty, I live in New Zealand and it is well known what cruel abuse the wolf and other animals suffer.

  4. God what is wrong with these people !!

  5. kay allan says:


  6. Joyce Levy says:

    I really can’t leave a comment on Idaho because I can’t find a decent thing to say about this lousy state and the idiots who have passed this.

  7. Barbara Griffith says:

    This is the bastard that wanted to get himself a wolf paw keychain. This man is one of the most evil creatures I have ever heard of. I wish I could send people like him back in time to the day when the meteor struck that wiped out the dinosaurs, with the large predators they wouldn’t last out the day. POETIC JUSTICE IN MY OPINION. I can just see Butchy running from a T Rex trying to dodge that tooth filled mouth.

  8. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Governor Otter, you infidel!!
    A thousand curses shall be upon you!!
    ~May The Sands Of The Sahara Clog Up Your Arteries~

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