Punish Sanctuary Owner Accused of Neglecting Dogs Until They Died

Target: Scott A. Coffina, Prosecuting Attorney for Burlington County, New Jersey

Goal: Seek justice for two dogs who reportedly died while in the custody of an animal rescue.

The owner of an animal rescue is facing animal cruelty charges after two dogs in her care reportedly died of neglect. Laura Pople, 55, executive director of Seer Farms, has been accused of failing to provide proper shelter and housing a dog in inhumane conditions. Pople denies the allegations, saying that it’s “truly unfortunate that these dogs passed away, but their deaths were not caused by Seer Farms.”

According to pet owner Carl Shepard, he brought two dogs to the facility after his home was damaged in a fire. Shepard planned on picking up the dogs after he found a new home, but when he returned, his animals were reportedly dead despite being in good health when he dropped them off.

Reports say that one dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Rocky, died from cardio-respiratory failure, a result of blood clots likely caused by bacterial pneumonia. Officials could not find a conclusive cause of death for the second dog, Fluffy.

A person who is capable of allegedly neglecting dogs until they died should not be in charge of an animal rescue. In order to ensure that no more dogs are harmed, it’s important that the accused is punished properly, if found guilty. Sign the petition below to ask the prosecutor to ensure that Pople is punished for any neglect she may have committed.


Dear Mr. Coffina,

The owner of an animal rescue is facing charges after allegedly neglecting a man’s dogs to the point that they died. Laura Pople has been accused of failing to provide proper shelter and housing a dog in inhumane conditions. According to pet owner Carl Shepard, the two dogs were dropped off at the facility to be held while he looked for a new home after a fire. After he had got settled and returned for the dogs, they were dead. One reportedly died due to blood clots likely caused by bacterial pneumonia, while the cause of death for the other dog came back as inconclusive.

In order to ensure that she does not harm any more animals, Pople must be properly punished, if she is found guilty. We, the undersigned, ask you to seek a harsh but fair punishment against anyone found responsible for the deaths of these innocent dogs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Geralt

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  1. ania bilchuk says:

    Ty pojebana kurwo! Zdychaj na raka w mekach! Kupo bezuzytecznego gowna!!! Lachociagu jeden!

  2. Kill these bastards.

  3. Save the dogs and take out the human trash !!

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    P. O. S. Cretin❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  5. Jeanette Duurvoort says:

    These so called sanctuaries collect donations and funds while they themselves target shoot, and abuse animals. These kind of ppl are sadists, hiding in plain sight. “sanctuary”?? B.S!! so many do good, great work. But , this….has to be punished so it hurts like hell.

  6. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    DO NOT allow this to go investigated. Find out EXACTLY what happened, and punish whoever is responsible for these dogs’ deaths. Sounds like the vet is on board. So, do the same.
    And if there’s a problem with this rescue, make sure it never operates again.

    R.I.P. Rocky and Fluffy – you deserve justice!

  7. There is no way these people can keep an Animal Rescue center. What despicable idiots. I hope the pet owner sues them for every penny they have – I won’t say every penny they are WORTH because you all know they aren’t WORTH much as human beings! So yep go for every penny they HAVE and make sure they are never in a position to abuse animals again.

  8. These “sanctuaries” that turn profit and willfully neglect the animals must be prosecuted and BANNED FROM ANIMAL OWNERSHIP! It is an ever increasing profitable problem, JUDGES AND PROSECUTORS GET ON BOARD AND DO YOUR JOBS PLEASE!

  9. People in these positions are usualy trying to help animals,but if they fail to do so then they are no different from the people or places they are being rescued from. If you are a safe haven rescue dont take on more animals then you can take care of other wise you are an animal hoarder not a rescue. Also where is owener getting funding for this rescue facilty?i hope this isnt a case of greed versus humanity an investagation and closure should be in place untell all records are researched to see if this has ever happened befor,also condition of other animals and prevoius animals in her care. These places need to be inspected often so animals are not just a pawn in someones selfish way to make money.

  10. Sherry Young says:

    How in the hell do you have an animal rescue and not take care of the animal; people need to spend a few years in jail to think about what they did; then never allowed to own or take care of another animal.

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