Ban Pet Stores from Selling Dogs from Puppy Mills


Target: Chicago City Council

Goal: Commend the Chicago City Council for passing an ordinance that will prohibit Chicago pet stores from selling puppies from puppy mills

Chicago lawmakers recently passed an ordinance that will prohibit Chicago pet stores from selling dogs that come from puppy mills: large-scale, profit-minded commercial breeding operations known for their cruel, inhumane treatment of animals. Puppy mills are an absolute blight on animal welfare in the United States; the Chicago City Council must be commended for denying illicit animal breeders the means of selling dogs through pet stores.

There are currently thousand of puppy mills operating in the United States and they bring in billions of dollars of profit each year. The worst puppy mills house thousands of dogs in cramped wire cages stacked one atop the other, leaving the dogs filthy and miserable. To cut down on costs, the dogs are underfed and underwatered, and they receive minimal to no veterinary care. Female dogs used for breeding are often bred to death, being killed once their bodies are physical exhausted from years of constant breeding and nursing. The puppies raised in these inhumane conditions often arrive at pet stores with numerous physical and behavioral problems. Many puppy mill dogs purchased in pet stores are already afflicted with things like parasites, epilepsy, and heart problems. And since they are caged most of their lives and denied opportunities to interact with humans and other dogs, many puppy mill dogs can be exceptionally shy or aggressive. Some puppy mills are minimally regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, but many operate illegally with no regulation at all, making it difficult if not impossible to ensure that animals are treated humanely according to the Animal Welfare Act.

Owners of puppy mills have several sales outlets available to them: pet stores, Internet web sites, and roadside markets, among others. We can get rid of puppy mills by eliminating these sales outlets — if they have no one to sell to, they will go out of business. We need to encourage our legislators to do whatever they can to deny sales outlets to puppy mills, and we need to commend them when they do so. By signing the petition below you will commend the Chicago City Council for taking another step towards the eradication of American puppy mills by prohibiting Chicago pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs.


Dear Chicago City Council,

I was happy to hear about your new ordinance prohibiting Chicago pet stores from selling dogs that originate from puppy mills: large-scale, profit-minded commercial breeding operations known for their cruel, inhumane treatment of animals. Many puppy mills imprison dogs, underfeed them, deny them proper veterinary care, and breed them to death. They profit from the misery of animals, and they need to be banned. One way to get rid of puppy mills is to deny them sales outlets like urban pet stores.

I commend you for passing your new ordinance and helping move the country one step closer to a nation free from abusive, neglectful, and immoral puppy mills. Hopefully, your ordinance will prove to be a model for other cities seeking to adopt more animal friendly legislation. Thank you again for your good work.


[Your Name Here]

Photo by: Asmadeus at Wikimedia Commons

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  1. if these pet shops are found doing this they should be shut down, and if they no of such vile places should report the evil bastxxxs that put these dear animals through such horrific treatment, to think it is all down to money, it really is a sad world.

  2. Craig Miller says:

    While this is great news, i’m disappointed that a, it took chicago until march 2014 to finally do what’s right, & b, there are still many places that sell milled pets & this cannot continue!

  3. kay allan says:

    i never new that pet shops sold puppies from these evil places, and if they no where they are they should be reporting them, as the suffering of these poor animals is sickening, can you just see the poor little face of the poor bitch that is forced into such violent and horrific practice, all for money, you are low life scum and deserve a long sentence in prison and just to be treated like the poor animals that you deal with, but of course that will never happen, i am sorry to say. but i hope in your life time something really hateful happens to you all.

  4. Stop the cruelty

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