Prosecute Dog Owners Who Abandoned Tethered Pets to Drown in Hurricane

Target: Dave Aronberg, State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Florida

Goal: Demand that the people who tied their dogs up and left them to die in a deadly hurricane receive the maximum penalty under law.

Twenty-six dogs were tied up and left to fend for themselves during a deadly hurricane. The dogs were tethered to trees and cars and likely would not have survived the storm. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Officers with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control rescued 26 dogs from the Palm Beach area as residents rushed to evacuate ahead of the deadly impact of Hurricane Irma. The dogs were tethered to trees and cars and could have died if not for the help of animal control officers. Twenty-three of the dogs were rescued from one mobile home park after they were abandoned by their owners.

County officials will be pursuing criminal charges against the owners who abandoned their dogs and tethered them in places where they could not escape the storm. Sign below and demand that these owners receive the maximum penalty under law.


Dear State Attorney Aronberg,

Twenty-six dogs nearly died when they were abandoned in the path of a deadly hurricane. The dogs were tied to cars and trees and left to weather the storm alone. We demand justice for these poor dogs.

Animal control officers rescued twenty-six dogs after they were abandoned in the path of Hurricane Irma. Their owners evacuated prior to the storm’s landfall and left the dogs to fend for themselves in high winds and floods. The dogs were tethered to cars and trees and had no shelter or escape from the deadly storm. The dogs are safe thanks to the officers at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. County officials are pursing charges against the dogs’ owners.

This horrific cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Jolly-Sunshine

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  2. Jennifer McCue: I disagree with this petition…..Probably well meaning but short on knowledge of what was going on in Texas at the time…..I’ve seen interviews with people who were rescued from homes and other places by the early boats in the unexpected flood that followed Hurricane Harvey. FLOODING DOESN’T NATURALLY FOLLOW A HURRICANE.

    These people said the first boaters who rescued people, (and who knows how many of them there were who held this idea ) DID NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE PETS WITH THEM IN THE BOATS. They wanted to save the space for people…….NO one knows how many people left pets behind in that situation or who may have left due to the Hurricane and never got back before the area flooded…..I AGREE many of the tethered dogs were left by people who may not have truly cared about the dogs, but WHO can determine now who those people were, as opposed to those who had no choice but to leave their pets?

    • Wendy Hamilton Wendy Hamilton says:

      If you had to leave your pets behind the least people could have untethered them to fend for themselves. Its not like they didn’t have a little time frame to do this. They are abusers in my way of thinking. They were warned about flooding.

    • I guess tie you up to a tree with no way to escape my my people that think like that don’t need to have an animal either, your pet has no way of protecting themselves sad state of thoughts.


  4. masayuki tanaka says:

    Someone schould lynch this asshole alive!!!

  5. Why are humans so ungrateful and cruel. Knowing that the dogs will not survive or will be scared to death, they still left them to fend for themselves. SIMPLY FUCKING SELFISH!!!

  6. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    When many from the van park were removed and they couldn’t bring their dogs…Okay I get that. Tying them to their cars and trees?
    Well I’m sorry, even if there was ‘only’ gale force winds let alone heavy rain, why the hell would you tie your dog out in that?
    I live in areas that can suffer the same, with floods often as well being the aftermath. But we have plans set in place for all our animals. Every one from horses to birds. It is not like these places have never had a storm, hurricane or flooding ever in history, is it? We all know the weather patterns are changing so nowhere is really safe from anything! People get your act together and make a plan for your household… meaning every single species that you choose to bring into your life. Personally we would never ever leave any of our animals alone to fend for themselves!

  7. debra goldstein lustig says:

    I would never dreamed of living my dog to fend for herself during a hurricane or any other time for that matter. These heartless people have no brains or love for their dogs and should never have the privilege of owning a pet again. Definitely prosecute to the full extent of the law. They wanted their dogs to die in that ruthless storm. I live in Florida and experienced many of the horrendous storms/hurricanes and to allow a dog to be tied to a tree is unforgivable. Rot in jail, scumbags

  8. These people don’t have half a brain among the lot of them. If you can’t take your animals then at least untie them so they have a fighting chance to survive. Idiots!! Prosecute the fools, and ban them from ever owning an animal of any kind again.

  9. gabriela Torres says:

    Those bastards are a disgrace to the human race … hope
    they are caught and prosecuted.
    Why aren’t laws enacted to penalize those ‘human beasts’?

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