End the Maiming of Show Horses

End the Maiming of Horses for Shows

Target: Mitch McConnell, Senior Senator for Kentucky

Goal: End the deliberate maiming of horses for shows, by supporting a new horse protection policy

A recent ad campaign in Kentucky calls for the end of horse soring: the practice of deliberately damaging a horse’s foot, ankle and leg in order to make them perform a high-stepping gait in horse shows. This vile procedure was actually banned in 1970 with the passing of the Horse Protection Act, but is a feeble law that sees little enforcement, and is flouted by insider show inspectors whose interests are primarily to continue its use. A new bill has been proposed which strengthens the previous law, and adds further protection to horses. Sign this petition to pressure Kentucky’s Senior Senator, Mitch McConnell, to add his support to the bill.

For the mere sake of an exaggerated step, horses are subject to chemicals such as mustard oil, diesel fuel, and kerosene, which are smothered over their legs and feet. Owners often wrap these chemicals in plastic to ‘cook’ over several days at a time, during which the horse suffers unimaginable pain. Another soring method involves cutting deep into a hoof before shoeing, or standing the horse on incredibly sensitive parts of their feet for hours on a raised block. These disgusting practices all ensure that horses feel excruciating pain whenever they put pressure on a foot, giving them the ‘big lick’ gait so popular in horse shows. It is a common occurrence to see horses treated in this way lying paralyzed on the floor, crying in pain.

Despite the fact that soring is banned in the U.S., the weakness of the Horse Protection Act means that it is still widely in use. The new proposed bill would bolster the Horse Protection Act by ending the horse show industry’s self-regulation of soring inspections, ban the use of chains and heavy horseshoes in shows, and enforce stricter penalties on violators of these codes.

Sign this petition to ask Senator McConnell to support this bill, and help to end the cruel practice of soring, saving untold numbers of horses from lives of agonizing pain.


Dear Senator McConnell,

A recent commercial aired on TV asked viewers to support a bill that would end the brutal practice of horse ‘soring.’ The commercial asked people to contact yourself and your fellow Kentucky Senator, Mr. Rand Paul. I am writing to you today to add more support to a growing movement of people advocating the passing of this bill, and the end to the suffering of innumerable horses.

Soring, as you may know, is the baneful procedure of applying caustic chemicals to the legs and feet of horses to produce a ‘high-gait’ step in horse shows. There are many other methods to achieve this particular step, all of which involve making the horse feel as much pain as possible. The fact that people are willing to burn through a horse’s flesh, cut into hooves, and beat them, all for a supposedly graceful gait, is beyond my comprehension. Many young horses also die from soring, either due to the extreme pressure placed on their bodies, or by colic, in reaction to the harmful chemicals that are used to burn their flesh.

The commercial campaign for this bill began in your state of Kentucky, and will spread around the U.S., garnering more support. Mr. McConnell, I cannot express in writing how much the technique of soring disturbs me. The fact that humans are willing to torture beautiful, innocent animals for the sake of a simple movement says to me that action is required: I ask that you use your power to take that action.

The original Horse Protection Act of 1970 is archaic and weak; new legislation is needed to enforce the proper policing of horse shows, and to give horses added protection from chains and excessively heavy horseshoes. Please support this bill, Senator, and save countless horses from a lifetime of torture, or death.


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Photo credit: Todd Behre via Wikimedia

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  1. i think the ordinary person it this world must be shocked and sickened by the things we read of these petitions, i have such a job to think people who own the wonderful animals can think of such a vile thing to do to them, what is the matter with them, they should try doing this to each other, what cowards, low life scum. please put a stop to this.

  2. Vanessa Koch says:

    Horse Soring is one of the worst, most pointless cruelty to animals there is! To treat the horses legs with chemicals, is sick! You need to treat these people the feet with chemicals and overnight wrap in foil, so they know how painful that is !

  3. And what is also horrible is Marsha Blackburn has introduced her own bill that waters down this new bill and doesn’t even make soring illegal. It is an abomination. She is a pro animal abuse crooked hag.

  4. deb spanhake says:

    animals should not be use nor exploited in any manner or form for human entertainment for man is not kind!

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