Stop Wolf Slaughter by U.S. Government

Target: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
Goal: Stop the unjustified killing of wolves and other predator species

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    This is unacceptable. Enough is enough. Stop killing wolves and wildlife.

  2. cindy norris says:

    The government needs to tell the ranchers to go back to kindergarden where they explain how to get along with others. You can’t go killing everything that you don’t want to try to coexist with!

  3. Doing the bidding of the Huge farmers and ranchers and playing God in a way that is unseemly willwipe out the wolf population in its entirety. This is so wrong

  4. Barbara Chichester says:

    Please stop the endless slaughter of wolves in Idaho. In fact, Idaho is the worst state for any animal. They
    hide their atrocities from the public with their ag gag laws so they can continue to torture animals. Please
    have a Federal Investigator stop these inhumane practices.
    Please interfere in this state for the sake of the animals.

  5. Yes, get the government themselves to quit murdering wolves with no excuse whatsoever. But even more obscene is the government of Idaho; that is really a bunch of sickos. The U.S. government needs to restore the “endangered species” protection to wolves ASAP.

  6. Romola Newport Romola Newport says:

    The USA is so blessed to have these amazing animals in their country, you treat Wolves with such contempt, they are beautiful majestic animals, your laws need to be more specific, one law to protect all Wolves forget about state laws they are ridiculous, it’s like having little presidents scattered across your country making ludicrous decisions.

  7. It is very sad what is happening in America. The mass killing of wolves is heartbreaking. It is not what I remember about America – wildlife protection.

  8. nadia zendaki says:

    stop wolf slaughter

  9. Joyce Levy says:

    The government, the ranchers, hunters, the congressmen who vote for this and the Department of Wildlife ALL need to go back to kindergarten. Apparently, they got all failing grades in how to get along with others, how to respect others, how to be kind, etc. etc. etc.

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