Ban Ivory Auctions

Ban Ivory Auctions

Target: Francois Hollande, President of France

Goal: Ban the sale of ivory at auction houses

The price of ivory increased to a new high in a recent auction in France. The auction house, located in Cannes in the south of France, processed over half a million Euros’ worth of sales, totaling 600kg of elephant tusks.

Buyers from all over the world participated in this event, drawing attention from the likes of Qatar and Armenia, but also China, which is the largest consumer of ivory; some Chinese people believe the possession of elephant tusks signifies wealth. Attendees were willing to pay 1000 Euros per kilo of ivory, whereas normal rates hover around 300-500 Euros per kilo. The inference of this auction is that ivory is more popular than ever, and, after a brief decline in popularity, more elephants will have to be slaughtered for their ivory to satisfy demand.

When 30,000-50,000 elephants are killed every year, we must take action to end the ivory trade, and especially sales of ivory through legal channels such as these auction houses, which are often used for the sale of illegal ivory. The legality of this auction, however, overshadows the horrific nature of the true cost of ivory: the lives of intelligent, gentle animals to satisfy a human sickness.

Sign this petition and put pressure on the French government to end the sale of ivory in French auction houses.


Dear President Hollande,

The recent ivory auction in Cannes saw 600kg of elephant tusks sold for over half a million Euros. Auctions like this reiterate the demand for ivory, and are destroying the elephant population – an animal already in steep decline due to poaching. I write to ask that you ban the sale of all ivory products in French auction houses.

Your recent proposals to fight poaching and trafficking of illegal animal products prove that you are trying to help these animals: it is time to stop the facilitation of ivory in your auction houses and to ban their sale – legally or otherwise.

Auction houses are often used for the illegal sale of ivory, as demonstrated in last month’s capture of two men attempting to sell illegal tusks at a French auction house. But whether illegal or not, the sale of ivory is a cruel trade – elephants do not care of legalities, they suffer either way, and up to 50,000 of them are slaughtered each year to satisfy wealthy people’s demands to possess their body parts.

I call on you to ban the sale of ivory in auction houses in France. The auction in Cannes proved that ivory is still a valuable commodity, and this is worrying because it places an increased demand on the murder of elephants, whose tusks sell for record prices. A species that is endangered – but more, a species so gentle and intelligent – does not deserve this.

Ban ivory sales in your auction houses, for the sake of the tens of thousands of elephants that die needlessly each year to satiate a terrible human desire.


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Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. The people who operate these auctions,should be arrested,and thrown in jail.
    Paws for the News

  2. if this is known to go on, how can it not be stopped, this is a disgusting thing to be doing, what people still buy such things, they must no how these things are got, and the suffering the poor elephant goes through, for something that should be left where it belongs, I wish the most awful thing to happen to any one that still buys anything like this. vile

  3. Must admit my ignorance. I assumed that the sale of ivory was already illegal, at least in any nation claiming to be “civilized”. This is revolting. Maybe we need to make owning ivory a felony, as well as selling it? (Like the ridiculous U.S. “War on Drugs”) Viva la Guerre sur l’Ivoire.

  4. The French eat frog legs, snails, foi gras so no surprise here! Shut down this trade NOW!!!!!!!


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