Increase Funding for Non-Profit Animal Rescues


Target: Speaker of the House John Boehner

Goal: Increase funding to non-profit pet rescues and shelters

With millions of animals abandoned or surrendered each year, small, privately-owned, non-profit animal shelters and sanctuaries are pressed to the breaking point without sufficient funds. Though they do both animals and the public a great service—taking in unwanted animals, or rescuing those that owners can no longer afford to care for—non-profit organizations often struggle to make ends meet, and many are forced to shut down. Demand that the United States government consider increased funding for non-profits.

Non-profits are typically volunteer-run, depending on individuals willing to donate time and effort for no pay, and face difficulty when there are not enough volunteers to carry out necessary tasks. They also struggle with limited capacity, and are forced to turn away animals in need when there is not enough space. Even so, many non-profits take steps to address the problem of feral cats and stray dogs, offering spay-and-neuter programs and veterinary care.

With the economic recession, more animals have been abandoned or surrendered to a system that continues to struggle. Though some non-profit government grants do exist, there is still not enough funding to sustain the efforts of non-profits across the country. Millions of animals suffer and die on the streets, or are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Faced with disease, exposure, and the dangers of vehicular collisions and other animals, they are in desperate need of help.

Should government funding for non-profit shelters increase, these animals may face a better future. Non-profits will have the capability to expand operations, take in more animals, and afford greater amounts of supplies. With so many unwanted pets, there must be greater funding for non-profits to give animals a second chance.


Dear Speaker of the House John Boehner,

The plight of unwanted animals, from dogs to horses, has become increasingly desperate in the face of economic depression. Millions of animals are abandoned or homeless, left to fend for themselves, or put down by humane societies that simply cannot care for them. These numbers are staggeringly high, and without sufficient government aid, there are few options available to shelters and rescues to combat the unwanted pet problem.

It is clear that something must be done. I ask that the government increase funding and grants toward non-profit animal shelters and rescues. Only with proper monetary resources can these organizations function without fear of financial collapse.

Providing greater funding would also allow for wider-spread and more effective spay-and-neuter programs, reducing the pet population further and providing much-needed services for those unable to afford the operation. Greater funding would help put an end to the suffering of millions of animals, and give those who might otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space a second chance.


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Photo Credit: Nhandler via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. lizeth katherine bedoya says:

    Por favor todas las vidas tienen el mismo valor

  2. lizeth katherine bedoya says:

    todas las vidas tienen el mismo valor

  3. Marjorie Coey · I AGREE WHIT YOU!!

  4. This has been my argument for decades. The government has so much money to blow on trivials, but when it comes to animals they are broke. Animals receive almost no government funds because they are not political and don’t have lobbyists. It is about time they did. What’s her name, spending $8,000 a night on vacation which taxpayers must provide for. But good luck, because John Bohner is a Republican and Republicans don’t seem to want to provide funds for animals, just for the very rich.

    • As soon as I saw John Boner (name purposely misspelled) on the heading I knew it was a waste of time. Theres no way in hell a Repbulican will help animals when they don’t even want to help starving children in our country. If these people are gonig to get help its going to have to come from us, but like someone stated, they need to be monitered because some of them are just plain hoarders!

  5. Barbara Crank says:

    It’s time this country proves to the world that we are a caring country. Just make sure the non-profits have some type of checks and balances as all of them are not equal. Most of them are run by people who really care about the animals, but sometimes that caring gets in the way and too many animals are taken in.

  6. deb spanhake says:

    let’s do our part promote this cause support and rally for the future of all animals and their fate

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