Don’t Force Owners to Cut Dogs’ Vocal Cords

Target: Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon

Goal: Ban so-called “debarking” procedures that unnecessarily cut a dog’s vocal cords.

A court in Oregon has recently ordered that a couple in a rural part of the state must have their dogs “debarked” as a result of years of excessive noise. The couple, who own a farm and use their six Tibetan and Pyrenean mastiffs to protect their livestock, now must force their dogs to endure a medically unnecessary and invasive surgical procedure that will sever their vocal cords and leave them unable to bark.

The debarking procedure has been already been banned in six states. Animal advocates agree that cutting a dog’s vocal chords is as cruel and inhumane as declawing is for cats, and say that it must be banned nationwide. Dogs who have been debarked sometimes face dire health consequences, such as life-threatening pneumonia, as a result of the operation.

Debarking must be banned to prevent more owners from being forced into surgically altering their dogs, especially when many humane alternatives exist. Sign this petition to tell the governor of Oregon that debarking must be banned before more owners can be pushed into making this heartbreaking and dangerous decision.


Dear Governor Brown,

It is currently legal in the state of Oregon to have a dog’s vocal cords cut to control nuisance barking. This procedure is invasive and, when done to keep dogs quiet, is medically unnecessary. That is why it is particularly shocking that an appeals court would force dog owners to have this operation done, as in the recent case in Grants Pass involving two farmers and their six large dogs. This case is problematic and raises the disturbing question of what would prevent judges from ordering more dog owners from doing the same if they receive complaints from neighbors or property managers.

Debarking is inhumane and is not without risks. Dogs have died of pneumonia or excessive bleeding as a result of this procedure. It is unconscionable to force owners to have their dogs altered in this way, especially when other methods such as proper training are effective.

We urge you to call for an immediate ban on debarking in Oregon so that no other dog owners are forced to cause harm to their pets.


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Photo Credit: Irita Krisbluma

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  1. That judge is an idiot and karma will get him! Oregon residents need to change legislation to make this illegal!! It’s 2017, people!! Wtf????!

  2. renate botzler says:

    Nature treats back now 💪
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth

  3. this disgusting what so called human would allow this cruelty

  4. Have the Judge’s vocal cords taken out – what an ass hole of a person is this……..

  5. The dogs are livestock guards. They need to bark! Their use also prevents wolf attacks, so wolves grt less trouble from humans. This is probably a complaint from a city person who moved to the country for the scenery. Such people have complained about birds singing! This is the truth! They would silence everything if they could. They are probably insane since they cant tolerate noise, when humans have evolved with noise for millions of years! The judge sounds like one of these people. This order is incredibly cruel and unrealistic. It must be rescinded. The complainant should get mental help for noise intolerance, or they should move back to the cities, or preferably into a padded cell, where they may find quietude.

    Also, why do noisehaters always get what they want? Or animal haters always get what they want? What about people who love animals and like to hear them vocalise? I do, and I find my wishes are ignored in favour of those of haters! It is bad and it should not happen!

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