Ban Roadside Puppy Sales


Target: Salem City Council

Goal: Enact an ordinance that would forbid the roadside sale of puppies

The Salem City Council in Oregon is considering a proposal to ban the sale of puppies and other pets alongside public thoroughfares. Many puppies sold curbside out of cardboard boxes come from puppy mills that often demonstrate a value for profit over animal welfare by breeding and raising dogs in deplorable, neglectful conditions. We cannot permit animal abuse in any form, and we must encourage the Salem City Council to enact an ordinance to ban such horrid practices.

Thousands of puppy mills are currently operating in the United States. Some of them are licensed and regulated by the USDA. Many, however, are unlicensed or flat out illegal, and unregulated. With no governmental oversight, owners of unregulated puppy mills are free to adopt inhumane business practices to maximize profit. To save money, dogs in puppy mills are mostly underfed and rarely, if ever, receive care from a veterinarian. They are often imprisoned in small cages just big enough to contain them, which prevents them from learning how to properly socialize with other dogs as well as with people. The end result is that many of these puppies go to market bearing severe physical and behavioral health problems. Some of them are actually even dying while being sold to some unsuspecting consumer.

Puppy mills mostly sell their dogs to pet shops and directly to the public via the Internet. However, they also sell them in parking lots and alongside busy thoroughfares. While not all puppies sold roadside come from puppy mills, many do; to support such roadside sales is to indirectly support the abuse of animals, which we must now allow. By signing the petition below you will help encourage the Salem City Council to enact legislation to limit roadside sales outlets for inhumane puppy mills.


Dear Salem City Council,

I was heartened to hear that the Salem City Council was considering a recent proposal to pass a law that would prohibit the sale of pets alongside the city’s thoroughfares. Several cities in Oregon, like Portland and Eugene, already have such ordinances and I urge you to follow suit.

Many puppies sold curbside out of cardboard boxes come from puppy mills. According to the ASPCA a puppy mill is “a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.” Some puppy mills are minimally regulated by the USDA, while thousands operate without any governmental oversight. This lack of regulation along with a devotion to profit often leads to neglect for animal welfare and almost unimaginable living conditions for the dogs. Undernourished, living in boxes just big enough to hold them, deprived of veterinary care and the opportunity to learn how to properly socialize with other dogs as well as with humans, these puppies often go to market bearing severe physical and behavioral health issues.

I urge you to do the right thing and enact an ordinance to limit roadside sales outlets for inhumane puppy mills. Allowing such sales to continue is an indirect endorsement of animal abuse.


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Photo credit: Ildar Sagdejev at Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Mary fletcher says:

    Here’s an official petition to the Whitehouse on the governments petition site:

    It’s asking Obama to ban euthanasia and save the 2 billion dollars we spend annually killing 5,500 dogs daily in Favor of tax breaks for vets to give free spay and neuters and cash voucher incentives to people who spay and neuter. This will quickly get our pet population under control and end the suffering of all these pets and Americans who love them. America must be proactive in solving our problems. More of the same isn’t working. Thank you! Please share.. Every signature is needed:)

  2. HumanE beings promote co-existence, while human beings are the reverse! The present world needs to strive towards the humanEkind, to regain an equilibrium on Mother Earth!

  3. Deborah Craig says:

    Breeders or lazy/broke slobs who won’t spay are counting on the cuteness factor of puppies/kittens, who grow up in a short time, and are often abandoned to themselves in a lonely backyard. Encourage more spaying/neutering as well as pound adoptions!

  4. Of course getting Salem to ban roadside sale of puppies is a good step. But this needs to be much more widespread. Texas, for example, has roadside puppy sales, and probably dog fighting, all over the place. If the government doesn’t care about it’s people, let them at least care a bit about innocent creatures.

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