Protect Namibian Seals from Mass Clubbing

Protect Namibian Seals from Mass Clubbing

Target: Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of Namibia 

Goal: End the mass killing of Cape fur seals

Of all the seal clubbing massacres around the world, the Namibian cull is considered to be the most brutal. Starting on July 1, over 80,000 seal pups and thousands of bulls are beaten to death for their skins. Petition the Namibian government to end this mass murder of innocent animals.

The Namibian government cites reasons such as important state revenue, employment opportunities, and population control as the bases for this massacre. However, the money from the sale of pelts goes to a Turkish businessman, there are only 81 people employed for four months of the year, and the seals that are being killed are cubs that cannot reproduce. None of these explanations come close to the true reason why tens of thousands of nursing pups are killed each year: profit.

We must petition to stop this mass killing. These baby seals are being violently beaten in front of their mothers, and are often so scared that they vomit before suffering a slow, agonizing death. By signing this petition, you can put more pressure on the Namibian government to stop this slaughter.


Dear President Pohamba,

I write in conjunction with groups around the world who want to see the mass slaughter of seals in Namibia end. It is in your power to end the suffering of tens of thousands of young animals who suffer every year as part of this massacre.

The reasons you cite for the legitimacy of the seal clubbing are completely false: seals have declined dramatically in number and are not responsible for fish population decline, this is due to overfishing and climate change; the money does not benefit your country, but instead goes to a Turkish businessman who is gorging on the money made from seal pelts; and finally, with only 81 people required to club these seals for four months out of the year, how can you claim that this brings significant employment to Namibia?

The movement against your country is growing. Now is the time to do the right thing and end this slaughter. People will not stop until the clubbing of seals in Namibia is ended. Instead of killing these animals, let people watch them in their natural habitat: responsible tourism will bring far more income to your country without harming a single seal.

Mr. Pohamba, use your power for good, and create a home for seals in Namibia: protect your wildlife, and you and the animals both will benefit. When these seals are gone, there is no bringing them back.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hans Hillewaert via Wikimedia

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  1. Tim Layman says:

    “Human beings are the only creatures on earth that claim a God and the only thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one.” – Hunter S. Thompson

    • Truer words were never spoken! Thank you for posting that!

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      so true! what great truth and words! I am SO sick of humans that aren’t even human! I wish to be around animals and no one else sometimes! but I hardly am 🙁 sadly. I haven’t eaten animals much my whole life, most of my almost 36 yrs. I love animals and no one has a right to hurt them and they are important!!

  2. This is a good start, but let’s work on outlawing the wearing of fur in all countries, thus removing the market, except for the black market, and provide strict penalties for black marketeers.

  3. This is so sick,cruel,sadistic and must be stopped now. How can anyone claim any decent reason to murder innocent babies so cruely in front of their mothers and siblings?? How do these people sleep at night??? There is a right and a wrong way to do everything and this is wrong. We must take a stand and boycott countries that do these inhumane killings to innocent animals.

  4. Helen Gibson says:

    It is amazing how stupid this so-called educated people are today. They want to kill these animals because they believe the seals are killing the fish. They fish are dying off because of over fishing, end of story. Make a noise let them know this is not going to be tolerated anymore.

  5. Cindy friscia says:

    Stop the Killing of these seal pups. Also your fur trade. This is a terrible way to die just to use their skin and their fur. I think any person who tortures these precious animals should be sent to prison. Even people who are on death row , who eventually the sentence is carried out, even these convicted murderers have a humane way of being executed. These poor animals didn’t do anything to deserve the agony , torture and most horrific suffering then eventually death comes at the hands of monsters. This must end. STOP WEARING FUR LEATHER OR ANY PART OF AN ANIMAL

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