Commend Legislation Protecting Exotic Animals

3-12-14 Support Proposed Law Protecting Exotic Animals

Target: Wisconsin Representative Warren Petryk

Goal: Commend Rep. Warren Petryk for introducing a bill protecting the lives of exotic animals

Recently, Wisconsin Representative Warren Petryk introduced a bill to protect exotic animals. Wisconsin has very few laws concerning owning a wild animal, and this lack of regulation is harmful to both the animals and the communities in which they are kept. This bill will ban the sale and breeding of a number of non-native animals, as well as create a better way to track the exotic animals already living in the state. Sign this petition to thank Rep. Petryk for fighting to protect these intelligent creatures and the people in these communities.

Exotic animal ownership has long proved itself to be a dangerous situation. Wisconsin currently doesn’t require owners to register these animals with the municipality, nor are they required to alert authorities if one escapes. In 2011, a 3-year-old baboon was discovered in a basement; in 2009, an alligator was found in an apartment; and, in 2005, a child was bit by a lion held at a pet store. Non-native animals also have great potential to spread diseases to humans, especially as their owners often aren’t properly prepared nor equipped to care for these creatures.

Rep. Petryk’s new bill provides a lot of answers that Wisconsin needs regarding exotic animals. The sale, breeding, and possession of a number of non-native animals—bears, alligators, big cats, crocodiles, apes—will be banned for the safety of the animals and the owners. Current owners are required to register their animals with their municipality, and also must notify the authorities immediately if the creature escapes. Additionally, cities will be allowed to enact their own exotic pet ordinances as long as they are at least as strict as the new bill.

This legislation has already received full support from the Humane Society of the United States, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the National Animal Control Association. Wisconsin’s new bill, proposed by Representative Warren Petryk, will ban the private ownership of exotic animals. This decision is for the safety of the communities, as well as protection for the animals. Despite an owner’s best intentions, these non-native animals are not meant to be kept captive. Commend Rep. Petryk for his proposal which will benefit humans and animals alike.


Dear Representative Petryk,

I recently learned about your proposed bill to protect exotic animals in Wisconsin. The legislation will ban the private ownership of non-native animals, as well as provide an organized registry for the ones already relocated to the state. It has already received widespread support, including approval from the Humane Society of the United States, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the National Animal Control Association.

Thank you for protecting the rights of these beautiful animals, as well as the lives of the people in the communities in which they are kept. This bill has been desperately needed for a long time, and it will be extremely beneficial as soon as it is put into law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Valerie via Flickr

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  1. Craig Miller says:

    I applaud Re. Petryk, on this positive step in the protection of exotic animals! So very happy to learn of this!
    Please sign to send your thanks. we must follow up to our negative posts & show them we hate when they don’t help our animals, but we thank them when they do so something positive ! Thanks to any/all…..

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank You!!! 🙂

  3. Anne coppens says:

    Animal free

  4. Romola Newport says:

    I hope this also includes your indigenous wild life such as Bears, Wolves etc. It is an excellent move to stop the abuse of these innocent animals.

  5. This is a great law, now if it is enforced and they can catch those low life poachers.

  6. Deborah French says:

    Thank you!

  7. thank you.

  8. Mary fletcher says:

    Thanks for passing legislation to help exotics:)!! Now domestics!!
    Here’s an official petition to the Whitehouse on the governments petition site:

    It’s asking Obama to ban euthanasia and save the 2 billion dollars we spend annually killing 5,500 dogs daily in Favor of tax breaks for vets to give free spay and neuters and cash voucher incentives to people who spay and neuter. This will quickly get our pet population under control and end the suffering of all these pets and Americans who love them. America must be proactive in solving our problems. More of the same isn’t working. Thank you! Please share.. Every signature is needed:)

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