End Captivity of Intelligent Marine Life

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Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture

Goal: Ensure that all cetaceans are set free and never used for entertainment again

The world is starting to understand the intellectual capacities of cetaceans, and is responding accordingly to keeping these mammals in captivity. Some countries have made illegal the act of forcing dolphins to perform for human entertainment, and states in the U.S. are attempting to make keeping orca whales captive illegal. These are important movements toward giving cetaceans rights to a happy life; the U.S. must make hunting, capturing, holding and forced performances of all cetaceans illegal.

The order cetacean includes dolphins, whales and porpoises. Recently, movements have been made to pass a bill in California demanding that all orca whales be free from performing, and no more orcas may be taken from the wild for human entertainment. The current orcas in captivity would either be released into the wild, or put into ”sea-pens” where they will live free of performing. Few states have already instated a ban on holding cetaceans: South Carolina, in 1992, and Maui County, Hawaii, in 2002 banned the public display of dolphins.

These are all very productive and necessary measures, though an umbrella law must be made to save all cetaceans from a monotonous and unnatural life of tank-living and performing. Rather than rely on individual states to heed the well-being of cetaceans, there must be a United States wide ban on all cetacean captivity and performing. Sign this petition to urge that cetaceans be put under protection of the federal Animal Welfare Act; this would incorporate a ban on hunting, use for human entertainment, obtaining from the wild and keeping cetaceans confined.


Dear Tom Vilsack,

Cetaceans have been the talk of the country lately: should SeaWorld be forced to let their revenue-making orcas go free? Should dolphins not be put on display? Individual states within the country are taking these matters seriously, though it is my belief that the Animal Welfare Act should be the supreme authority on these matters.

I propose that the Department of Agriculture, through the Animal Welfare Act, ban all hunting, capturing, holding, breeding and performing of cetaceans- dolphins, whales and porpoises- within the United States. This ruling would not leave the decisions to individual states or organizations, rather, it would demand that all businesses that deal with cetaceans release them and otherwise cease in capture.

Mr. Vilsack, I urge you to consider protecting all cetaceans in the United States. This would ensure that these intelligent, majestic animals are no longer abused, mistreated or forced into unnatural lifestyles. These beasts need aggressive protection; I urge you to be the change these mammals yearn for.


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  1. Sheila Jefferson says:

    PLEASE protect these beautiful intelligent
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Karin Lindberg says:

    Please stop this cruelty and start to help Them to live a natural life in the oceans where they belongs !!!!

  3. Romola Newport says:

    We will win in the end so change the laws to protect wild life at risk, we have no right to capture and imprison any wild animal.

  4. Jeantte Vergara says:

    Libertad para los delfines ballenas orcas y todo animalito prionero para beneficiodel hombre y sufrimiento de ellos pero al mismo tiempo con liberarlos protegerlos de los cazadores criminales barcos balleneros y la maranza de delfines en japon del mismo modo las leyes deben ser mas duras por mi ojo por ojo hasta ahora los mas grandes enemigos de la libertad de los animalitos es el hombre sobre todo japon

  5. Please protect and release these magnificient creatures

  6. Mary fletcher says:

    Please free this dolphins and protect them from abuse!!

    And sign this petition to help Americas pets live!

    Here’s an official petition to the Whitehouse on the governments petition site:


    It’s asking Obama to ban euthanasia and save the 2 billion dollars we spend annually killing 5,500 dogs daily in Favor of tax breaks for vets to give free spay and neuters and cash voucher incentives to people who spay and neuter. This will quickly get our pet population under control and end the suffering of all these pets and Americans who love them. America must be proactive in solving our problems. More of the same isn’t working. Thank you! Please share.. Every signature is needed:)

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