Stop Cruel Dog Meat Festival


Target: President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping

Goal: Put an end to  annual dog meat eating festival and implement animal welfare laws to save future animals from torture and death

Every summer more than 15,000 dogs are tortured and murdered for the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, located in the southeastern Guangxi province of China. The dogs are electrocuted, skinned and boiled alive. Then they are hung upside down, beaten and left to bleed out. These horrific actions are conducted in front of the other dogs due to a misguided belief that increasing the adrenaline in the dogs’ muscles also increases their virility when eaten. Cruel, barbaric events that promote the severe mental and physical abuse, torture and consumption of innocent animals have no place in modern society and must cease immediately.

While Yulin locals claim that the dogs have been bred on farms solely for human consumption, animal rights activists believe that many of the dogs are stolen pets that have been kidnapped and sold to restaurants. They also claim that stray animals have fallen victim to the dog meat festival, which if true, would also violate the festival’s sanitation laws.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is disgusting and heartless, and the public slaughter of dogs must be stopped. By signing this petition, you will be urging the President of China to permanently cancel this cruel festival, help save thousands of dogs from a painful death, and encourage the implementation of strict animal welfare laws to help deter this kind of horrific behavior.


Dear President Xi,

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an incredibly cruel and inhumane event that has no place in modern society. Last year, approximately 15,000 dogs were electrocuted, boiled and skinned alive. Due to a misguided belief that increasing the adrenaline in the dogs’ muscles increases their virility when eaten, these horrific actions were carried out in front of the other dogs awaiting slaughter, causing severe psychological torture before they too were physically abused and murdered.

Events such as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival that gleefully promote the abuse, torture and consumption of innocent animals are cruel and barbaric and must cease immediately. I urge you to permanently cancel the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and establish strict animal welfare laws to help save thousands of animals from unnecessary torture and death.


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Photo Credit: Oh Shi via Flickr

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  1. Kathy Scharf says:

    This is lower than low. If this is all you have to eat for food then kill them quickly. To torture and let them suffer is unforgivable and criminal.

    • The evil bastards think the more pain they cause the dog or cat it makes their meat taste better so they torture them an make them suffer because their so stupid an think the meat is gonna taste better, they are evil freaks an they need boiled alive an tortured, I wish I could be the one to do it to them. I Love Animals

  2. Barbaric. Inhumane. Has to stop immediately

  3. Eugene W Sengstake Jr says:

    Seems China can get away with just about anything they want. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is one of the most cruel barbarities taking place on the face of the earth – and yet we – the United States – not only let them get away with it – we are one of their biggest trading partners. Just exactly what does that say about us??? Well – if nothing else – it shows the world what our priorities are. Well – not exactly. Those may be our government’s priorities – but they are definitely not mine – and I would like to think most Americans would probably feel the same way – – –

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