Make Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime

Target: Representative Paul Ryan, United States House Speaker

Goal: Make animal abuse and torture a federal crime.

Despite all 50 states declaring animal cruelty a felony, people are still getting away with committing atrocious acts towards animals due to animal cruelty not being considered a federal crime. Because of this, hundreds of animals in the past year alone have suffered or even died due to horrific acts of violence or criminal neglect, and the perpetrators let off with a slap on the wrist.

This is not acceptable. There is a commonly held belief that the measure of a country’s morals and character is based on the way it treats its animals, and the United States is currently faring very poorly on that front. From the pet cats and dogs kicked and beaten to the livestock tortured by farmers, this country’s animals are treated as living, breathing targets for human aggression, and it must be stopped.

Right now, Congress is considering the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, but consideration is not enough. We must do everything we can to ensure that they pass this act and make it a law. Sign this petition to demand animal abuse finally be a federal crime.


Dear House Speaker Ryan,

Animal abuse is running rampant in the United States despite all 50 states declaring it a felony, and this is because it has yet to be declared a federal crime. Congress is currently considering the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, but it needs as much support as it can to pass. People are being encouraged to call their senators and representatives, but we will need the House’s aid as well.

Please support this act and help to make it a law. Animals deserve so much better than the atrocities committed against them, be they house pets, livestock or wildlife. Help us protect the United States’ animals from future pain and suffering, and ensure that those who cause it are punished accordingly.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Animal abuse is a federal class A felony as of 1/01/2016. I was one of the animal rights activists who worked to get this passed. But unless the animal is taken across state lines or the feds get involved in some way, state laws apply. Many of these are a joke.

    We need to call, write and email our state representatives and senators and strongly urge them to pass much tougher state laws. We also need to pressure the police to make appropriate arrests and judges to enforce the laws fully.

  2. As long as we have Trump in the White House, and people like him in office, this law will never get passed. He is only out for himself, and no one else. He has no form of justice. He even wants to kill all the mustangs that are running wild out west. Not to mention, his two older sons killed some animals in Africa that were on the endangered list just so they could get their pictures taken. This petition is being targeted at Paul Ryan, but considering he is sucking up to Trump, I have a feeling this petition will fall on deaf ears. Sad but true. If this bill gets passed, I’ll be really surprised.

    • Bev Woodburn says:

      NJ Smith – I fully agree with you. Trump is trying to destroying all the Animal Protection Laws and will destroy all the Laws that the American people have fought so hard for.

      God save America from Trump and his cronies.

      Get rid of Trump and his cronies.

  3. You know what the right thing to do is—NOW DO IT!!!! ANIMALS HAVE BEEN SUFFERING LONG ENOUGH!!!


  4. This should always have been a crime.It is the right thing to do.Animals have to have someone speak up for them PLEASE sign this now

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    ABSO freaking LUTELY❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  6. This should unfortunately be a no brained!!! I am SO SICK of reading about some poor helpless dog/cat or whatever being beaten, burned, shot, killed, mutilated, abandoned, starved, just to name a few, and people having to pretty much beg or sign petitions so that these animals can get justice!!!!! Enough is enough, it’s time for the courts and our lawmakers to take these crimes seriously and lock these vile individuals up!!!!! I most certainly would NOT want a person who is capable or such a heinous crime ANYWHERE NEAR ME OR MY PETS!!!!! The “law” has allowed these brutal crimes against animals to continue for too long now and it’s time to DEMAND CHANGE. Any person who can purposely inflict harm to ANY animal is obviously demented and dangerous!!!!! We are their only voice, and my voice agrees with the MANY others here demanding change.
    Do the right thing House Speaker Ryan, make animal abuse and torture a FEDERAL CRIME, with FEDERAL PUNISHMENTS.

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