Ban the Sale of Cruelly Farmed Fur


Target: United States Federal Trade Commission

Goal: End the commercial sale of fur from countries that do not have strict fur animal welfare regulations

Fur farming has been effectively banned in Croatia and Austria, and is so stringently regulated in Switzerland that there are no fur farms. The United States, however, still allows fur farming and the importation of fur in huge amounts from countries without such strict regulations, among them the top fur exporter: China. Demand that the Federal Trade Commission ban importation of cruelly farmed furs.

China has had a lackluster history of animal welfare, and nowhere is this clearer than on commercial fur farms. The fur industry in China has subjected hundreds of thousands of animals to torturous deaths and completely inhumane treatment in pursuit of a commodity that is not worth the suffering. Yet China is one of the largest exporters of fur to the United States.

Chinese fur farms typically confine animals in too-small cages to save on space and expense. These cages offer little to no enrichment and little space in which to move or turn around.

Even worse are the ways in which the animals are killed. An undercover report discovered that killing practices were rarely humane, and often horrific; animals were stunned through blunt force—many were slammed into the ground—and sometimes even skinned alive. Animals were filmed still breathing and blinking after skinning, but were left to die in agony.

Clearly, these practices are inhumane and incredibly cruel. Animals used for fur should never endure such barbaric treatment. Their mental and physical needs must be met when they are confined. The fur trade can be made more humane; regulations in several countries have proven as much, ensuring that animals are raised in good conditions and killed painlessly.

The Federal Trade Commission must take action to ensure that fur is supplied only by countries that follow stringent welfare rules. Furs that come from farms without these rules or conditions should not be allowed to flourish.


Dear Federal Trade Commission,

Several countries have taken steps to ensure the welfare of animals farmed for fur, or have banned fur farming outright. However, a majority of furs exported to the United States come from China. Investigations of Chinese fur farms have revealed egregious welfare violations, from unbearably small cages to barbaric killing methods and the skinning of live animals.

Though fur may be a booming industry, this is no excuse to allow continued suffering of fur animals. These cruel practices may not occur on all fur farms, but without strict welfare laws to protect animals, there is no guarantee that farmed fur will come from humanely treated animals.

I therefore urge the Federal Trade Commission to accept fur only from countries with proven records and implemented regulations to ensure welfare of animals. Only through decisive and strict action can we make certain that fur animals are treated with high standards of care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kjell Bjørnstad via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Let’s just ban fur – period. Yes, even from baby Harp Seals and dogs skinned alive. After all these years of publicity, it is hard to believe that any person who considers him or her self to be “civilized” would wear fur.
    Should we advance to wool? Most wool in the U.S. is “pulled wool” – taken from the sheep as it is slaughtered.

  2. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I think it is completelly unacceptable to wear other animals fur. They belong to the animal not to us. To kill or torture an animal to wear its fur is totally barbaric.

  3. aristide armaganc says:

    Any and all fur, from any animal such as dog, cat, lion, cheetah, mink, is bad bad bad. Besides humans always look silly. The fur is much better on the animal. Now, faux is the way to go. Or silk scarves or organza or linen or cotton fluttering along. Much better. All my fur is running around on four legs. What could be nicer than picking up that ‘fur’ and feel its warmth, look into its eyes, feel its heart beating.

  4. dixie denis says:

    That won’t do. It should be banned altogether and the perpetrators should, by law, be skinned alive themselves.

  5. It makes much more sense to ban fur completely since fur=cruelty. If one is against cruelty to animals then one cannot support the wearing of another animal’s fur. It is cruel and completely unnecessary.

  6. Paula Thurston says:

    To ALL those who wear the pelts of TORTURED ANIMALS..
    YOU SUCK!!!! & DROP DEAD!!!!!

  7. say NO to fur!!!!!!!

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