Ban the Sale of Live Animals on Instagram


Target: Instagram CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Systrom

Goal: Urge the popular social media company Instagram to ban the sale of live animals via its website

Despite the fact that several popular online shopping companies have already banned the sale of live animals via their websites — including Amazon, Craigslist and eBay — the photo-sharing app Instagram continues to permit this irresponsible practice. Employing hashtags such as #dogforsale and #kittentogoodhome, thousands of breeders continue to sell live animals via their personal and professional Instagram accounts.

Not only are mass-breeding facilities incredibly inhumane—animals are often left secluded in small, wire cages for hours, often with little food and water—but for every cat or dog that is born to profit a breeder, a cat or dog in a shelter loses their chance at adoption and must be euthanized. It is estimated that between three to four million cats and dogs are put down every year, even though many of them are healthy, loving creatures.

Allowing the sale of live animals via Instagram also makes it incredibly difficult to determine if the animal is being purchased by a loving, responsible owner who will provide the necessary medical care and social interaction that is often lacking in cruel puppy mills. The impersonal nature of this type of sale can be devastating to the livelihood of the animal.

By signing this petition, you will be urging Instagram to ban the sale of live animals and to help put an end to mass-breeding facilities by encouraging the adoption of animals from local shelters and rescue organizations.


Dear Mr. Systrom,

I was shocked to learn that Instagram still had not prohibited the sale of live animals via its website. Several other leading online companies have already banned this unethical practice, including Amazon, Craigslist and eBay, and I urge Instagram to follow suit.

The majority of the cats and dogs available for sale on Instagram have been raised in mass-breeding facilities, also known as “puppy mills.” These facilities have become infamous for their poor living conditions and severe neglect, where animals are secluded in cramped, wire cages with little sustenance and no social interaction. Many of the animals in puppy mills suffer from communicable diseases and genetic disorders, however, irresponsible breeders often forgo veterinary care in an attempt to cut costs, leaving the sick animals in misery.

By permitting the sale of live animals on Instagram, you are contributing to the abuse and mistreatment endured by cats and dogs in mass-breeding facilities. Please institute a ban on live animal sales and help put an end to cruel puppy mills.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Chris Vaughan via Flickr

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  1. I think this is a terrible way to but any animal, I like to see where they have come from and what sort of life the mothers have, some are sickening, I would only report them, so please do not buy animals like this.

  2. micheline dm says:

    No dog is for sale!If no human is for sale,no dog either!Forbid this deplorable acts!

  3. dee ahlquist says:


  4. Lets make this illegal now! Aniamls are treated unjustly, added to their factory breeding/selling/neglect of animals for the profit of money. This
    I heard a man say his pets were no different than the animals he eats. This is during a discussion about the fact that he declawed his cats and now wants to sell them. At least the cats got away from him.

  5. Is this petition still trying to get passed?

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