Success: Gas-Chamber Euthanasia Banned

Animal Shelter

Target: North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Steve Troxler

Goal: Applaud ban on inhumane carbon monoxide euthanasia in animal shelters

Carbon monoxide euthanasia is cruel, unnecessary and more costly than euthanasia by injection (EBI). Thanks to a recent ban, only 10 states in the U.S. are currently known to have active gas chambers. North Carolina has become the 25th state to officially ban the use of gas chambers for euthanasia in animal shelters. A previous petition on ForceChange and Animal Petitions called for an end to gas-chamber euthanasia in North Carolina.

The ban will take effect in February 2015. The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) describes the gas chambers used to euthanize animals as small, dark boxes full of the smells of animals that died before, some urinating or defecating in the process. Sometimes multiple animals are put into the same box, causing them to lash out aggressively from fear and panic. Their last moments are spent in panic and fear.

Thanks to the efforts of activists and groups like the HSUS working to improve conditions and standards of professionalism in animal shelters in the state, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued a new policy statement placing a complete moratorium on the use of this inhumane practice. State officials finally agree with what activists have known all along: EBI isn’t just more professional and humane, it is also safer and cheaper than gas chambers.

Shelter employees are at a greater risk of injury when forced to handle frightened, panicking animals in gas chambers than when using EBIs, which don’t frighten the animals nearly as much and make it far easier to comfort and calm them.

Support this important move toward more humane and professional treatment of shelter animals by signing the petition below.


Dear Commissioner Troxler,

North Carolina’s ban on carbon monoxide euthanasia is a huge step toward eradicating the use of gas chambers for euthanasia in American animal shelters. With the moratorium, North Carolina has become one of 25 states that recognize this practice is inappropriate and cruel. Only 10 states currently have active gas chambers and every ban gets us closer to saving shelter animals from unnecessarily suffering.

EBI is safer, kinder and more cost effective than carbon monoxide chambers and has been endorsed as the most humane euthanasia practice currently in use. Shelter animals deserve as much respect as pets who have found their forever home, and should be treated that way.

I commend the decision to end inhumane and cruel gas-chamber euthanasia in North Carolina.


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Photo credit: Dave Parker via Flickr

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  1. Karen Remnant says:

    About time! No animal should die in this manner, we could use them for the scum that abuse animals and kids

  2. All societies should enforce the laws treating equally interns of animal rights and human rights, these are gentle, innocent living beings, they should be guaranteed basics needs, freedom from torture, fears, pains and access to food and human care properly. All life forms must be respected.

  3. Euthanasia should be banned. There are a lot of evil unwanted people out there and they’re not euthanised so poor innocent animal whose only “crime” is being homeless should NOT be euthanised. Humans have no right to act like god and decide who lives and who dies.

    • Charlie Bond says:

      O no ! But only if animals (pets, farmanimals, wounded + verysick birds and zooanimals) and humans are uncurable or in deadly distress + pain, then it’s better that they are euthanised by injection. Like my cat who get nefrocirrosis because of nefritis. In 1 month he couldn’t eat and drink any more and one day he cried out of pain. Then you wish him in heaven, so I rush to my vet who put him asleep. And (ev. specialized) doctors must can do the same if humans or family wants to because of deadly sickness, pain and coma.

  4. I am so happy for this news,but feel that no animals should be put down. We need to use our energies to find other alternatives than death. Animals can add so much to all of our lives!

  5. Why outlaw the use of Gas Chambers to only turn around and use another form of cruel & horrific euthanasia??? The Heart Stick method of euthanasia is just as bad as the gas chambers. Heart Stick euthanasia is ONLY supposed to be used on a heavily sedated animals, and most often this is not the case. A shelter employee attempting to euthanaize an animal using the Heart Stick method has to struggle with a frightened animal that is resisting, struggling and often the person will end up punching the needle into the lungs instead, causing the animal more pain & misery. You call that progress??

  6. Why wait to February??? I don’t even no what to say, this is beyond disturbing!
    Animals are put through this ungodly torture…what inhumane morons, and then celebrate the holidays in comfort and cheer??? What’s to be cheerful about? Please STOP IT NOW!!!!
    and other states PLEASE FOLLOW!!!!!

  7. It is great and wondeful news – but can someone explain to me what EBI is and why, if cheaper and more humane, this has not been used before? I am a 100% animal lover, but I have to say if it is between a life time of suffering at the hands of messed up humans – euthanisation would be a choice – even for me – as long at is done with dignity.

  8. It is a sad victory for the society that debates “better” methods of killing and disposing of unwanted animals. It is mind boggling how many billions nonhuman animals die tortured,abused,maimed,poisoned and inhumanely exploited for entertainment or research. Not much good to say about our species…but I don’t give up hope…I like someone’s idea about asking campaigning politicians tough questions about their position on animal welfare. Let’s put huge pressure on them!

  9. il faudrait une chaine de défense des animaux pour que le poids soit plus lourd pour faire pression et cesser toutes ces barbarie contre les animaux quels qu’ils soit c’est une honte pour l’humanité


    Let’s adopt our animals out — let’s give them happy and comfortable homes!

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