Save the South China Tiger Population


Target: President of China, Xi Jinping

Goal: Encourage the reintroduction of South China tigers into the wild

The South China tiger (also known as the Xiamen tiger) population was estimated at about four thousand around the 1950’s. In subsequent years, hundreds and thousands were eradicated as the subspecies were hunted because they were deemed a nuisance to the country. Although the Chinese government began to ban the killing of South China tigers in 1979, the damage was already done. By the early 1990’s the population was projected to be only about 80 distinctive tigers.

Currently, the South China tiger population is considered by researchers to be “functionally extinct,” because it has not been clearly spotted in the wild for more than two decades. But with many reports of footprints and local individuals having sighted them, there may be some surviving in some provinces of China. The non-governmental organization “Save China’s Tigers,” with the backing of China’s forestry organization, has established a proposal to bring captive-born South China tigers back into large enclosures in southern China. In late 2007, one baby tiger was born in a reserve in South Africa, which was the first to be born in another country other than China. Since then, a number of tigers have been born.

With the help of the public, this research can possibly help save the tiger population by bringing it back into China. Please sign this petition to support the reintroduction of the South China tigers.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

The South China tigers have been extinct for more than 2o years. The tigers were sadly killed because the people of your country thought they were a nuisance. A group of people are willing to save the tigers by reintroducing the tigers from captivity back into the wild. These beautiful creatures deserve to be brought back into the wild where they can begin to grow their population again. If there is even a small chance that these animals are still in existence, we feel that it would be beneficial to take the opportunity to bring them back. The establishment of laws to end tiger farming will help the tigers thrive in the wild this time around.

These animals are important to the growth of your country. They create a balanced ecological system that is beneficial for the other animals in the wild. Please support this reintroduction so that that researchers can have the funding to put this plan in action.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Shanghai gallery at World66 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Craig Miller says:

    We cannot let this species die out completely, too many animals are already gone.

  2. You may say it is none of others concern for not in your country. I must say that all animals everywhere from one bed of land to another across the seas/oceans animals need compassion. They need those that have true heart for their welfare. You are fortunate to have these lovely Tigers in your country to allow them or any animals et all others country allow animals to be hunted for trade trophy etc. is vile and ugliness at its core. People are either shinning brightly with their treatment of animals or they are darkened with dead hearts. Tigers need to be protected reinforcement for their habitats. By not allowing greed to infiltrate into your wildlife kingdom will bring only good to you and all others that do the same. Together we will make wildlife a top priority for if not mankind is doomed truly will be. Thank you. Sincerley, Deborah Sherman

  3. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Why did these tigers become extinct in the first place?Let me guess-the Chinese killed every last one for it’s body parts for “traditional” medicine or some such nonsense. Who’s to say they won’t do EXACTLY the same to the captive tigers they plan to re-introduce to the wild?I am surprised there’s a single animal left in China,given the apparent never ending lust of the Chinese for killing everything that moves.Pity there’s no danger of the Chinese themselves becoming extinct.

  4. Chinese have No humanity .

  5. I find it hard to understand that these people who really do not care for any animal, still believe that the parts of this beautiful wild creature have some goodness towards their bodies, so out of date, they are supposed to be bright people, says it all really, but if they do not stop soon there will be nothing for them to slaughter, then what will they do, scum bags.

    • Kyle Konopelko says:

      There are positive and negative people of all races, China has the biggest population in the world so theres probably a lot of good people and bad people, you cant just throw them into one category thats ignorant.

  6. Mary Boorman says:

    Yes, Cecily, I am with you! These are my sentiments.
    Where oh where oh where on God’s green earth did the
    notions first occur to the Chinese race that they, over
    and above most every other race or culture, were perfectly
    entitled to decimate and wipe out everything with a pulse.
    They have invaded New Zealand and are currently wiping out
    our seafood, every shellfish species there is and the
    wonderful species of fish such as Red Schnapper ~ nothing
    seems sacred to them at all. It’s sickening and infuriating
    and gives cause for people to become racist against a populace of people where one was never racist before.
    Can you tell I’m pissed off? Yes I am!

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