Seek Humane Solution to Rid Urban Areas of Foxes

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Target: Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Goal: Seek humane and ethical solution to fox problem in London

Londoners are getting fed up with the fox problem in the city. Called pests or vermin, foxes will dig up gardens or the trash, attack pets, and have even attacked babies. Unfortunately, the problem has resulted in a method of pest control that animal activists are calling cruel and inhumane. Clients are paying for people to shoot foxes, oftentimes from the comfort of their homes, and many are calling foul. As a city full of animal lovers, London and the rest of the United Kingdom should search for more humane ways to remove foxes from urban areas.

While shooting foxes is legal in the United Kingdom, the topic is still controversial. The country has a long history of respecting animal rights, and foxes in particular are a sensitive subject. Homeowners who have become frustrated with foxes call upon fox snipers to remove the pests. The New York Times covered such a case, and both the client and sniper refused to have their last names published in the article for fear of being threatened or harassed.

Foxes have both enemies and friends. The problem is perpetuated by the fact that some people encourage the animal’s presence by feeding it food and leaving trash out. Without boundaries, foxes have called urban areas their home. There have been cases where foxes have entered a home through a cat flap to steal various food items. Other times it results in the foxes being injured.

There are humane solutions to the fox problem, such as spraying areas with a synthetic fox urine. The smell will keep foxes away from restricted areas, thereby keeping the animals and humans safe from harm. However, for such humane measures to be taken seriously, the mayor of London needs to support these solutions. Sign this petition and urge Mayor Boris Johnson to reinforce these humane methods for the entirety of London.


Dear Mayor Johnson,

Londoners are growing frustrated with foxes, as these creatures are digging up gardens and trash cans, hurting pets, and being a nuisance. Some of these citizens have resorted to calling in fox snipers, who kill these animals on sight. Animal welfare activists are calling foul, as foxes shouldn’t be killed for seeking food or finding new territory.

I am writing this letting urging you and your staff to seek out other humane solutions to this problem. Foxes, like other animals, have a place in our ecosystem. These animals shouldn’t be killed for digging gardens or seeking food. Humane options such as relocating them or placing fake scents should be pioneered and I’m asking your staff to do this. Please campaign for animal rights and welfare, as foxes deserve living space.


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Photo credit: Kevin Law via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Humans are the ones who are destroying the habitats of this beautiful animals leaving them with no place to go. It is totally unacceptable that on top of that they are considered pests, while the only pest are humans who lack total respect for their lifes.

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    It is totally the fault of humans who destroy foxes habitat and then whinge because foxes dare to come into built up areas occupied by the ghastly human race!! Humans litter the streets and leave food all over the place and then wonder why animals make the most of the opportunity to come and get it. WHEN are the stupid human race going to grasp that they are entirely responsible for this situation and when are they going to bring back proper dustbins and actually USE THEM?????

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    Totally agree, Romola-a human cull is a great idea…..

  4. other towns have not enough of
    these fine art animals

  5. Marina nemchinova says:

    Why do we always resort to cruel and inhumane ways of trapping an animal BEFORE coming to a more compassionate solution?

  6. Cant believe I’m reading this right londonders are paying people to kill these foxes? Are these people marksmen do they know how to shoot and kill an animal instant? I can’t believe the mayor is allowing this have they taken in consideration they may have cubs they need to feed? Britain wants to be more like America everyday

  7. caryl sawyer says:

    Rigght on, Lisa! An ignorant move that many Good Ole Boys in USA would approve. When are the Brits going to find some self-identification and be their own people.


    • Caryl & lisa , you hit the nail on the head!This cameron govt seems to be creating an art of copying america , things which the public themselves are totally against ie fracking, GM foods,creeping privatisation of our NHS.If that TTIP goes through, heaven help the eu/uk ie vile factory farms.

  8. Humans are the ones overproducing at an alarming rate. Those species we claim as vermin are the ones that are ecologically important to the planet. Humans are not. Lets cull our herd.

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