Act Now to Save Our Bees

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Target: President Obama and the EPA Administration

Goal: Save bees from dangerous pesticides that are killing off our pollinators

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    No more harmful chemical or pesticides. Please act now and save the bees before it’s too late.

  2. Irena Franchi says:

    Save Our Bees
    Save Our Bees
    Save bees. 

  3. Melissa Reynolds says:

    Years ago I was walking barefoot in my yard chock full of clover and suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen any bees and hadn’t for some time. Now I know why. They are dying out due to chemicals used by humans on the earth for numerous reasons, destroying the ecosystem that all living beings, including man, need to survive. Help us save our earth? Please sign and share and be aware.

  4. Simon Draper says:

    They are not OUR bees. It’s sickening that humans think they have the right to own everything on the planet and do with them whatever they see fit.

  5. Einstein said that if bees disappeared, humans would follow within four years. Countless millions of bees have been killed by neonicotinoid and similar pesticides. There is evidence that birds, Monarch butterflies and other creatures have also declined as a result of these poisons. They need to be banned now!

  6. Gordon MacDonald says:

    President Obama and the EPA: Without bees and other pollinators, many of our most important food plants would cease to exist. Please save bees from the dangerous pesticides that are killing off these crucial insect species.

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