Demand Harsher Punishment for Man Caught Kicking and Punching Dog

Target: Lisa Stapleton, Waverley Court Honour Magistrate

Goal: Issue harsher penalty for man who was convicted of animal cruelty after violently kicking and punching his dog.

A Staffordshire Terrier was violently beaten inside of an elevator, where the gruesome attack was captured on surveillance cameras. The dog had reportedly run away from the owner after trying to snatch an ice cream from a child, but the poor animal was chased down and cornered. Footage shows the man, 46-year-old Grant Haggart, punching the dog, named Arian, nine times before he begins kicking him in the side. The owner is seen jerking Arian up by his choker chain and swinging him in the air. He then swings Arian over his back before dropping him to the ground. According to the RSPCA, when the dog tries to escape, Haggart kicks him again, drags him by the choker chain, and begins hitting him again.

Unfortunately, poor Arian had to be euthanized because of behavioral problems that the RSPCA staff said made him a risk to staff and potential adopters. The severe abuse poor Arian was subjected to is most likely what caused him to have behavioral problems.

To make matters worse, any chance of Arian getting justice was squashed when the judge decided to let the owner off with a measly fine and a 10-year ban from owning animals. Haggart didn’t even show up for court, according to reports. Perhaps the punishment would have been more appropriate if Haggart didn’t already have a history of violence. Please sign this petition to demand that the owner receive a harsher penalty and a lifetime ban from owning animals.


Dear Honour Magistrate Stapleton,

A dog was reportedly chased down, cornered in an elevator, and violently attacked by his owner. Surveillance footage shows the owner punching and kicking the dog relentlessly before swinging him in the air by his choke collar. At one point, the owner swings the dog over his shoulder and drops him. When the dog tries to escape, the owner just continues to kick, punch, and drag him by his choke collar.

This was an extremely violent, relentless attack, but to make matters worse, the owner has a history of violence. Unfortunately, the poor dog’s chance at getting justice was squashed when the owner was only fined and banned from owning animals for 10-years. This punishment will do nothing to prevent more attacks on innocent creatures. We, the undersigned, demand that this man’s penalty be stiffened and the ban from owning animals be made permanent.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: RSPCA

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  1. Grant Haggard you deserve to die. Hope sbd will erase you ASAP you peace of shit


    • Margaret Melnick says:

      I think the Judge should be in prison as well. Judges today are not doing the job they are being paid to do. System must be changed Judges who don’t enforce the law should be able to be fired like any other employee would be.

  3. What a cruel evil gutless spineless worthless heartless scum piece of shit. I hope one day he suffers the same pain and distress that he caused the poor innocent defenceless dog he tortured and abused. RIP to the dog. Hope scum wanker rots in hell.

  4. Why didn’t the one who videotaped this intervene and stop this criminal?

  5. Well do you know what, his day will come. Karma is a bitch

  6. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    The law is an ass…..

  7. Catherine emerson says:

    Sack that fucking excuse for a judge, hope this piece of shit coward has his details all over Facebook. The bas.tard will go running to his wee mummy, I pray, soneone will get him soon.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    NO CHARGES against this man? Seriously???? he is a monster who abuses animals and most likely his kids too. Shame on the judge who did NOTHING! Poor dog had to be put down, most likely because he had been abused for so long he was probably aggressive. How sad…and this guy walks away free…wow!

  9. To the coward that punches and kicks innocent and defenseless dogs and who knows who else – better pray you never cross my path chicken shit! Because I’m not defenseless and I’m not innocent.

  10. michael gerl says:

    Dieser mensch gehört erschlagen aber langsam

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