Applaud Factory Farm Ban in Australia


Target: Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury

Goal: Applaud ban of cruel forms of factory farming

Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury introduced a bill that would ban three cruel forms of factory farming: pig crates, battery cages, and debeaking. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Government recently passed this bill and is actively working towards the humane treatment of animals. Applaud Mr. Rattenbury and the ACT Government for passing this important legislation.

The ACT Government may be the smallest self-governing internal territory in Australia, but its recent accomplishment in banning cruelty is huge. It is the first state/territory to enact such a ban, and it will hopefully not be the last. Mr. Rattenbury decided such legislation was needed in this region because of “shocking” factory farming statistics. After the bill’s passing, he said: “To ban these elements of factory farming gives me great joy but I understand there is more to be done.”

Already, he has done much. It is now illegal to keep pigs in crates so small that they cannot turn around inside them. Without a ban on pig crates, factory pigs are confined to these boxes for life and are sometimes driven insane by the lack of space. These intelligent and sentient creatures are even forced to give birth in confinement.

Battery cages are also now illegal, thanks to Mr. Rattenbury’s bill. Chickens will require more space than tiny cages that don’t allow them to stretch their wings. Debeaking, a process that involves cutting off the tip of a bird’s beak, is outlawed as well.

Australia is now an example to other regions that need to significantly improve anti-cruelty laws, especially since factory farming is legal activity in most developed nations. Tragically, the majority of meat is processed in such factories that inflict great physical and emotional trauma on millions of animals every year.

Applaud Mr. Rattenbury and the ACT Government for passing this progressive bill. It will encourage other regions to adopt similar anti-cruelty laws.


Dear Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury,

The anti-cruelty bill that the ACT Government recently passed is a huge success and an invitation for other regions to support the humane treatment of animals. I would like to thank you for lending your voice for an important public cause.

As a result of your action, pig crates, battery cages, and debeaking are now banned, and we are one step closer to the vision of a world free from factory farming.


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Photo credit: Animal Rights Advocates Inc. via Flickr

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  1. Craig Miller says:

    Cheers to Greens Minister Rattenbury for doing the right, humane thing! Hope this leads to others following suit ! Good job to him & all who voted to pass this!

  2. Garth Mills says:

    This is indeed most welcome news, to the greens minister Shane Rattenbury thanks. for banning these forms of farming. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Thanks for taking the correct, ethical and humane decision.

  5. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!!!

  6. This ban is a good thing per se, but it doesn’t “ban cruelty”. As long as there is animal agriculture, there will be cruelty. To be more precise, there is no humane slaughter, and there is just a theoretical possibility of humane egg/milk production. Milk could be produced in a humane manner if cows can roam freely in vast areas, if they are not pumped with hormones or antibiotics, if they are not artificially inseminated, if their babies are not stolen from them, if they are allowed to feed their babies, and if they are allowed to live until they die peacefully of old age. Then we can use only the surplus milk that’s left after the calves feed themselves. Of course, this means that milk will be produced in very small quantities and very expensive, but completely humane, as no cow, bull or calf would be abused in any way. With chickens it’s similar – if they live in areas that allow them to be free and feel comfortable, and if we use only unfertilized eggs, then the only discomfort they would have to endure is that females and males will be kept away most of the time – but of course every now and then every hen and every rooster will be allowed to mate, because it’s their natural right to be able to have offspring. Of course none of the hens, roosters or young chicks would be killed. This method would make eggs cost very much, but it would be almost fully humane. And in some ways, there would be some advantages for cows and chickens which they would not find in the wild – such as veterinary care and improved protection against predators. Of course, all of that is just a theoretical possibility. No company in the factory farming industry uses any method like the one I described to produce milk and dairy. And slaughter is obviously impossible to be humane. Therefore, like I said, cruelty continues. Unfortunately this ban diminished cruelty just a little, in just a small part of the world, and cruelty is far from banned, even locally.

  7. this is certainly going in the right direction as long as it is carried out, any body watching these wonderful animals will see such a change in them, I have ex battery hens and they are a laugh a minute, and just to see their feathers grow back and they become chickens, they play and are such fun, I no farmers don’t give a shxt, but any animal should be allowed to run free before it is slaughtered for the human race, I am a veggie, just charge more for the things you farm and treat them right.

  8. Paula Thurston says:

    YOU PUT TONY ABATTIOR TO SHAME, he is NOT & NEVER will be a good PM, he doesn’t & NEVER will give a toss for ANY ANIMAL ESP FARM ANIMALS that he eats everyday.

  9. roberta sais says:

    I’m agree with David:
    “The Australians are still transporting live animals and until that cruelty is stopped I wont be thanking Australia at all”

    So Australians can do more than this

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