Forbid Tourists from Handling Wild Animals


Target: Chinese President Xi Jinping

Goal: Require citizens of China to leave injured and non-injured wildlife alone

Recently, tourists in the south of China allegedly aided in the uncomfortable last moments of a dolphin in distress. An injured dolphin was swimming near the shore when a few men handled the dolphin and picked it up out of the water to take a photo with it. The distressed cetacean died shortly after of a collapsed lung. While it has not been proven that the unnecessary handling was the cause of the collapsed lung, what is certain is the handling added intense stress to the dolphin during its last moments. Measures must be taken to ensure that this does not happen again; tourists and citizens must be forbidden to handle wild animals.

The incident happened at a popular resort in China. The dolphin was swimming around the populated area, apparently in poor condition, when lifeguards attempted to help the dolphin by monitoring it and calling for specialized help. Professionals that may have been able to help the dolphin were far away; in the meantime tourists touched and handled the dolphin until it died. Had the dolphin been left alone to wait for help it may still be alive.

Had this incident happened in the United States, the people who unnecessarily handled the dolphin would be charged as criminals, and would be given a hefty fine. There is no clarity of whether or not these tourists will face criminal charges, but they should. Handling a wild animal which is clearly in distress, for one’s own pleasure and photo opportunity should never be tolerated. Helping a fellow creature should always trump a photo opportunity. Sign this petition and urge the Chinese Government to increase penalties dealing with wildlife.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

A group of tourists in China were recently involved in the death of a dolphin near a popular resort. The injured dolphin was looming around people near the shore when lifeguards attempted to help and call professionals. Tourists, however, took this moment as a prime photograph opportunity and handled the injured, fearful dolphin until it died of a collapsed lung.

President Jinping, I urge you to penalize the people who were handling the injured dolphin. This kind of behavior cannot be fostered; please stick up for the wildlife of China and issue penalties for tourists and citizens that handle injured wildlife with no intent on helping them. Encourage people to leave wildlife be and contact someone who understands how to care for the animal in question.


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Photo credit: NASAs via Wikipedia

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  1. China is really getting me mad!!!! I know that everywhere theres animal abuse but China has done more abuse. Unbelievable! Now im not going to see chinese pple the same way or any asian… “Thanks” a lot… Ugh

  2. Jessica Fox says:

    Animals are not here for human entertainment or anything bad! Let them live how they want and stop hurting them!!!

  3. what is about the human race that they just cannot leave any animal alone, they are not here for our entertainment, but what china gets up to is revolting any way, so I suppose to them this is ok.

  4. This is awful! Those men should have to pay a hefty fine or even better, do some time in jail to really think about how very selfish and immature they acted towards that poor animal!

  5. I love animals and I applaud what your organization is doing. However, whilst signing animal petitions, an annoying petition from Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with animal protection keeps annoyingly popping up between each and EVERY PETITION I’m attempting to sign. This is a form of spamming. I stopped signing due to the repetitive irritation and your petitions may be losing other signers because of Ms Davis’s inappropriate intrusiveness. Are you aware this is going on with your website?

  6. People in China and all over the world, need to be educated about protecting wildlife because many animal species are becoming extinct due to human actions and humans stealing animal habitat. People have to be educated about family planning because there are too many destructive people on the planet who are destroying the planet. There is no way that we will survive if we continue to harm every living thing. We were born here to be caretakers of the earth and the animals who inhabit the earth. Really, animals belong here because they live in harmony with nature, we do not belong here because we destroy everything. Everything manmade is unnatural (i.e. skyscrapers, genetically modified food, factory farms). Let us wake up and show love to our fellow inhabitants of this planet (animals), we need them to survive.

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