Save Honeybees from Destruction by Big Agriculture

Target: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Goal: Save honeybees from deadly insecticides

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  1. It’s not just the bees anymore, but also the Monarch butterflies (another pollinator). It’s a disgusting government that sells out to sleazes like Monsanto, and not only allows, but protects them and other poisoners against lawsuits, forces other countries to buy their disgusting products, etc. They clearly don’t care if mankind starves to death, as long as the profits of their corporate owners are protected. (Don’t they know that they, too, will starve?)

  2. We had better wake up and start taking care of the bees, and insects that pollinate our plants. If the bees go extinct, like so many animals due to human encroachment on habit and etc. so do the humans!!!!!

  3. Irena Franchi says:

    Bees are important for life.

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