Stop Promotion of Seal Industry


Target: Canadian Fisheries Minister Keith Hutchings

Goal: End the funding and promotion of the seal industry in Canada

The governments of Newfoundland and Labrador have begun funding a campaign to raise awareness toward what they perceive are misconceptions about the seal industry. Commercial seal hunting has taken a significant hit because of recent bans on the importation of seal products, and the Canadian government plans on using funds to promote the slaughter. This is an egregious misuse of government funds and must be stopped immediately.

The campaign is partially a response to the World Trade Organization’s decision to uphold the European Union’s ban on imported seal products because of moral concerns, and also Canada’s upcoming appeal of that decision. At least 60 thousand dollars has been set aside for the campaign. Fisheries Minister Keith Hutchings says, “We want to be out in front again during that period to communicate as we’ve done in the past that it is a humane hunt.” Very little is humane about a seal hunt, however. Unlike the meat industry, in which there are laws requiring animals to be stunned before being slaughtered, or hunting in which a hunter can be fined or have their license revoked for not taking a shot intended to kill the animal instantly, there are no such requirements on seal hunts. Seals are often either clubbed to death or harpooned.

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International-Canada, has been observing the seal hunts in Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec for 15 years and has witnessed many acts of cruelty and inhumane treatment, like wounded seals being left to suffer. She responded to the campaign, saying, “It’s impossible for any entity to keep this hunt under close supervision, which is just one of the many reasons why the European Union has chosen to ban trade in seal products.”

Please sign the petition below to demand that Canada stop pouring tax dollars into campaigns for a cruel and dying industry.


Dear Keith Hutchings,

You recently set aside 60 thousand dollars in government funding to begin a campaign promoting the seal industry and to clear up what you perceive are misconceptions about it. These aren’t misconceptions, however. Animal welfare groups and government organizations around the world, including the World Trade Organization, have concluded that commercial seal hunting is inhumane. Regardless of what certifications are required or how much consideration is given, it is impossible to regulate such an industry and ensure the lives of the seals are respected.

Under no circumstances is any animal being clubbed to death humane, and under no circumstances is it acceptable to use tax dollars to promote it, or to promote a dying industry, for that matter. Please stop this campaign immediately. Traditions should only be maintained so long as they are harmless.


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  1. Cecily Colloby. says:

    How can these idiots imagine anyone is going to believe the seal hunt is HUMANE??? We have all seen footage of this sick,disgusting hunt and are only too aware of what goes on,so don’t waste your breath,Canada!!!! The world is watching you!

  2. roberta sais says:


  3. David Lounder says:

    Note to Seal ‘hunters’: YOU MAKE ME SICK! The boomerang has been thrown, and karma is a bitch, baby!! Fvck all of you!!! Yeah, you can quote me on that! — David Brian Lounder DaLo @DaveLounder. CT, USA

  4. C’mon Canada; Seal “hunting” – “humane”. Gimme a break! Just how stupid to you think the rest of the world is?

  5. are the human race ever going to learn.
    governments like to keep us subdude in believing eveything we see on TV or the adverts we read are our nesessity.
    keeping us blind to where those products actually come from.

  6. Callie1983 says:

    Oh Canada, you have a reputation for killing anything that walks, swims, crawls or Flys. That about covers it. How can you be so well educated and so inhumane in so many ways?

    • What are you talking about? I am Canadian, and I abhor the seal hunt. Many Canadian citizens oppose this practice, yet our government will not hear our concerns.
      Now, please explain how we “have a reputation for killing anything that walks, swims, crawls or flys”.

      • It is pretty clear that your Country does kill everything that walks, swims, crawls or flys. That is how the World views Canada. Canadians may abhor all of this, however, the rest of the World includes you with China, Korea, and Japan regarding treatment of all I mentioned above. You export Horses and Foals to Japan! Where is the will of the Citizens to stop this?

  7. You cruel, evil cowards make me sick!!! Karma will take care of you!!!

  8. Garth Mills says:

    A First World Country Canada certainly has not progressed beyond its savage mentality, here we have a idiotic moron of a minister that is trying to tell the World and the citizens of Canada the seal killing is humanely done, does he think we are all morons that we will believe the crap that he spouts from his mouth, remember his kisses his wife with that same mouth. The citizens of Canada will do well to remember this minister when it comes to re election punish him and his government at the polls.

  9. Patricia Wicker says:


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