Demand an End to Inhumane Speed Tests


Target: President and Chief Operating Officer of the Jockey Club James L. Gagliano

Goal: End brutal speed tests of young Thoroughbred horses

Every year at two-year-old auctions for Thoroughbred horses, juvenile horses are forced into breakneck sprints to appeal to potential buyers. Most of these horses are still yearlings, physically immature and underdeveloped, and prone to catastrophic ‘breakdowns’. Demand an end to these dangerous speed tests.

Galloping at such high speeds—far faster, in fact, than these horses will run on the track—generates massive amounts of force that physically immature horses simply cannot handle. They may snap bones, burst aortas, rip muscles, or tear tendons, literally running themselves into the ground. Even worse, they cannot slow down quickly when sprinting and may continue running even when terribly injured, as in the case of a filly whose cannon bone shattered. She was left to sprint on a foot barely attached to her leg, clearly in agony but unable to stop. Others take terrible falls when their legs break or their hindquarters seize up, and may tumble for several feet before coming to a stop.

Breakdowns are not the only risk factor. Young horses are unpredictable, and may spook or bolt in fear when faced with unfamiliar tracks, throwing jockeys and potentially colliding with other horses. When frightened, they may injure themselves or other horses in an attempt to escape a perceived threat. Severe weather conditions do not always deter speed tests either. Horses may undergo tests in temperatures well over one hundred degrees, on tracks unfamiliar to them. Drugs are often used as well to mask injuries or increase performance, and many of these drugs are unapproved or unsafe cocktails.

Riders of these young and unpredictable horses are also at risk. Jockeys may be crushed or fatally injured by falling horses that go down at full speed. Even if they escape injury, young racehorses may throw their jockeys when frightened.

Speed tests are ineffective and unreliable at gauging the true abilities of young racehorses. Pushing these horses at so young an age is destroying them. The racing industry claims the lives of thousands of horses each year, but putting an end to speed tests and implementing further restrictions would reduce casualties and ensure that horses are given time to physically mature. Their bodies cannot handle the strain of the excessive speeds asked of them. Demand that this senseless endangerment and butchering of Thoroughbreds is put to an end.


Dear Jockey Club President James L. Gagliano,

The use of speed tests at two-year-old auctions for Thoroughbreds is unnecessarily dangerous and inhumane. Young horses are forced to sprint at excessive speeds though they are physically and mentally immature and undeveloped. Because their bodies are not meant to take this kind of punishment, many of these horses suffer catastrophic physical injuries. Some die instantly on the track, but others endure broken bones and suffer serious pain when they fall or are forced to run on injured legs before they can come to a stop. Severe weather conditions do not postpone tests, and horses are forced to run even when conditions are unsuitable, as in the case of a colt that died of a burst aorta when running in triple-digit weather.

Speed tests also endanger jockeys. They may be crushed under falling horses or violently thrown when their mount falls, and can suffer serious or even fatal injury.

I ask that you and the members of the Jockey Club put an end to these tests, which are unreliable predictors of racing potential and demand far too much of horses that simply cannot safely handle the strain. Restrictions must be implemented and enforced to end the needless deaths of young horses.


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Photo Credit: Commander Keane via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. kay allan says:

    these are sick individuals that will do anything for money, sod the poor horses, it is a vile thing to do, i bet all sorts of things go on that the ordinary public have no idea about and gone on for years, scum bags

  2. roberta sais says:

    i’m agree
    stop this inhumane speed test
    let hourse free

  3. Horse racing is hardly either “humane” or a “sport”, but it has too many followers, rich owners, and gambling addicts to hope to see it ended. But let’s at least try to stop these disgusting sprints.


  5. Callie1983 says:

    I rescue these horses and they are started far too young and are given drugs. This is why we will NEVER see another Triple Crown Winner in our lifetime. We could shut the entire Sport down under RICO but nobody seems to care enough to do it even though there is irrefutable evidence that these young horses are given drugs.

  6. Stop the insanity ………STOP HORSE SPEED TESTS NOW! This is really sick and abusive TREATMENT OF HORSES AND MUST STOP NOW!

  7. This sport involves big money and thus expect extreme resistance from
    racing business. Even humans who has to prepare for the olympic can’t do it all the time, they just grab the medals and turn professionals. These horses has to it all their adult life, just so that human can make big buck, it is very pathetic.

  8. Criminali imbecilli anacefali…


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