Remove Misleading “Compassionate Meat” Label

Stop the Blatant Mislabeling of Whole Foods Meat

Target: Whole Foods co-CEO, John Mackey

Goal: Pressure Whole Foods to change its misleading ‘animal compassion’ label, and ensure a higher standard of animal welfare

Recently, signs have been seen in the meat section of Whole Foods advertising ‘a hearty helping of animal compassion with every order.’ Whole Foods has a reputation for taking actions to be a more ‘ethical’ supermarket, such as not selling cloned animal products or selling eggs from battery hens. However, the claim that their meat is somehow full of animal compassion is a complete falsification, designed to trick people with good intentions into purchasing meat which they believe to be ‘moral’. We must petition Whole Foods to remove this fabricated advertising, so that people won’t be duped into buying food which is far from what it claims to be.

While Whole Foods ranks above other supermarket chains in terms of ethically produced food, this does not mean that their meat is, in their words, ‘compassionate’. Animals still have to suffer through mutilations without painkillers, separation from their young, and long, arduous journeys to the slaughterhouses. Just because farms producing Whole Foods’ meat adhere to some minor welfare standards, this does not give them the right to market their products in a completely misleading way.

By signing this petition, you will pressure Whole Foods into removing this immoral advertising, stopping the flurry of well-meaning customers from buying meat that has never seen compassion. In addition, we are asking for a higher set of welfare standards for the farms that produce meat for Whole Foods.


Dear Mr. Mackey,

Upon hearing of your advertising slogan in the meat section of Whole Foods, ‘a hearty helping of animal compassion in every order,’ I felt I had to write to you in opposition to this commercial misrepresentation. Although Whole Foods has been recognized as a more ethical choice than many supermarkets, the claim that your customers are buying meat that has been treated with compassion is categorically wrong.

Animals still have to suffer through terrible ordeals on the farms that raise and slaughter them, such as artificial insemination, separation from their young, mutilation without painkillers, and many more.

Until you can verify your slogan by ensuring that your suppliers do treat their animals with the compassion that they deserve, please remove this blatantly false advertising from your stores, so as not to mislead customers into buying meat that they think has been treated with the utmost human respect.

I ask you to consider the suffering of emotional, conscious beings over your profit margin. If you truly wish to honor this slogan, ensure a stringent set of standards for the farms that produce your meat – no half measures, a full overhaul of the protocols that govern animal welfare for your suppliers. I ask this of you in protest of the dishonor that this slogan does to the animals that die to serve your profits.


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  1. Shirley Cooper says:

    There is NOTHING compassionate about killing ANY animal!!! It’s almost like saying “killed with love”. Just won’t work Whole Foods – and never will.

  2. I did sign the petition, but perhaps a more effective course of action is to become a vegetarian (or even a vegan?) and boycott totally all “compassionate” meat?
    That would also help greatly with the climate problem, many pollution problems, and allows anywhere from 11 to 22 (depending on study) times as much food to be produced on a given amount of land (consider this as the human population goes past the next billion mark). Oh yes, this also sounds more truly “compassionate”.

  3. If ever there was a definition of “oxymoron” this is it. Are people really this gullible?

  4. There is no such thing as a humane killing. It is like saying a woman was gently raped. None of the animals that are killed, want to be killed. They savor their life and want to live just as we do.

  5. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    What part of “killing” can be used in the same sentence as “compassion???” Not in any vocabulary I could dream up!

  6. Whole Foods, as a buyer of your store I demand a banning of that false label. Whole Foods is one of my favorite markets, why? You want to loose customers? Now im thinking of not buying there…

  7. I understand NITROGEN GAS will quickly put an animal out
    without pain; they could then be put down when they are out.

  8. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:




  9. Helene Beck Helene Beck says:

    I wrote directly to Whole Foods about this matter, and they replied:
    “Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market regarding signage in our meat departments. We were contacted by PETA about this and acted immediately on the same day as we agree with PETA. The signage was limited to four stores in the Northern California region who opted to use that language several years ago, and we agree the language was not appropriate. It has already been updated and we appreciate PETA for calling it to our attention.
    We sell the largest variety of vegan and meat alternatives across the country, and we proudly promote those products. And like all other supermarkets, we also sell meat. However, we believe there are significant differences in the way animals are raised for food in the United States and that Whole Foods Market will continue to sell and promote animal foods that we believe have been raised with less pain and suffering than factory farm meats. PETA worked with us for several years to develop the standards that we are currently using to source our products.
    Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns about this matter.”

    • Helene Beck says:

      I received another response from Whole Foods, – from a different customer service representative, – here it is:
      “Thanks for your concern. I apologize for my delay in response!
      We agree with your disappointment with the signage in that store! We immediately looked into this wording and did not think it was appropriate. Rest assured, this was not a national marketing campaign and the language was removed from the meat department in Northern California and in the three other stores in that region who shared the same messaging.
      Whole Foods Market’s goal is to provide our shoppers who do eat meat with the most responsibly raised options possible. Our producer partners do NOT use crates, cages, crowding, antibiotics or added hormones, and do NOT use animal byproducts in feed – ever. Plus, all of the beef, pork, chicken and turkey sold in our meat cases come from farms that have been certified to the Global Animal Partnerships’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating system to inform shoppers how the animal was raised for the meat they are buying.”

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