Take Action for Stray Animal Epidemic

Take Action for Houston's Stray Animal Epidemic

Target: Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston

Goal: Take action on increasing stray animal epidemic

The most recent headlines of stray animals hark back to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where stories of animals being rounded up by officials were counter-balanced by heart-warming stories of adoptions – many by the Olympic athletes themselves. But another story is emerging a little closer to home. Recent reports state that the stray situation in Houston has reached a critical point, with the city’s estimates standing between 600,000 and 1.2 million homeless animals. An even more staggering figure is that the city euthanizes  85,000 animals per year.

There are simply not enough animal control officers to keep the problem in check, and many volunteers have taken to wandering the streets themselves, feeding stray animals to try and prevent them from seeking food in residential areas. Not only does the overpopulation of strays cause the animals suffering, but it spills over into the human world. Over 2,200 animal bites are reported every year, but this figure is certainly much lower than the actual number of incidents, as many go unreported.

Programs in desperate need of funding are trying to help these animals, but with the money drying up, they can only go for so long. One such program, the Rescue Pets Movement, transports animals to Colorado, where there is a severe shortage of animals available for adoption. These actions brought down the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control’s euthanasia figures to record lows. But programs like this are doomed unless they receive the adequate funding and manpower.

The sheer numbers in this crisis are mesmerizing. The suffering of Houston’s stray animal population must be addressed, and the humanitarian crisis that springs from it must be recognized. Petition the Mayor of Houston to allocate the city’s resources accordingly to tackle this crisis.


Dear Ms. Parker,

The stray animal population in Houston has now reached a crisis point. With estimates of 600,000 to 1.2 million animals roaming your streets, 85,000 animals killed every year, and the thousands of reported bites from strays annually, both the animal emergency and its threat to humans must be addressed. By giving these animals the attention they deserve, you can solve many problems.

I am writing to you today to ask that you allocate money and manpower in order to deal with this growing threat to Houston’s stability. What may seem like a problem you can push under the carpet is spilling out, and will only get worse as stray animals breed and come into contact with more humans.

Ms. Parker, do not let this crisis get even more out of hand. Animal control officers and volunteers are already stretched to the limit, and with no funding, you cannot hope for a viable solution without drastic change. Do not let Houston’s reputation be tarnished by this epidemic.

The Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control are preparing a report for your office, proposing the amount of resources that are needed to effectively deal with this problem. I am asking that you honor their request. Please give these organizations the funding they need to keep Houston’s animals, streets, and people, safe.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Ranaldi via Wikimedia

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  1. roberta sais says:


  2. to the idiots out there when you buy a dog its for life do not dump it on the streets but thanks to the people who have to pick them up from the streets, stray animals need help its not their fault, fine the idiots that put them there

  3. Barb Dyck says:

    I wish people would educate themselves on what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. If you can’t afford a vet, then you shouldn’t own a pet. Spay and Neuter please.

  4. Annette Barnett says:

    Its so sad the way the human race acts I hurt for the poor animals if I was rich I would love and care for all.My mom all ways said you cannot save the hold world but I try !!!

  5. Lucy Moreno says:

    Please help with the problem we have . It is a sad situation that we have such a problem in our city bc we cannot spay and neuter our animals.

  6. Franca Menegon says:

    Quelli che sono contro la sperimentazione animale ma usano i farmaci.
    Quelli che ammazzerebbero un bambino per salvare un roditore.
    Quelli che se il bambino fosse il loro…?
    Quelli che “se ci estinguessimmo sarebbe un mondo migliore!”
    Quelli che però non cominciano per primi.
    Quelli che sono vivi grazie alla ricerca e se ne lamentano.
    Quelli che “fermiamo la vivisezione per salvare gli animali!”.
    Quelli che poi portano il cane dal veterinario.
    Quelli che la chiamano “vivisezione”.
    Quelli che con limone e peperoncino passa tutto, anche il cancro.
    Quelli che sanno come sostituire i test sugli animali ma non te lo possono dire.
    Quelli che le scoperte scientifiche “non ci risultano…”.
    Quelli che hanno le idee chiarissime ma non sanno come spiegarle.
    Quelli che hanno cominciato a rompere i coglioni da piccoli, non hanno ancora finito e ancora non sanno perché lo fanno.
    Quelli lì.
    Dove ci porteranno?

  7. Shame on you Annise Parker! Shame on Houston! Why you wasted the money to kill 85,000 animals each year and not using the money to help them by “Trap, Neuter & Return” which is the only way to help regain the reputation of Houston. The whole world is facing this problem and more and more countries are now adopting this TNR to help solve the problem. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR HEART TO THE ANIMALS AND HOUSTON – THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!

  8. Pierce & Missy Bratton says:

    Make it mandatory in all states to make owners have a license to have an animal. When I was young we had to. Also make it a felony not to have your pets spayed & neutered. After all, it’s not the animals fault, it’s the irresponsible humans.

  9. Pierce & Missy Bratton says:

    Make it mandatory in all states to make owners have a license to have an animal. When I was young we had to. Also make it a felony not to have your pets spayed & neutered. After all, it’s not the animals fault for this epidemic, it’s the irresponsible humans.

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