Remove Violence-Promoting Products from Pet Store

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Target: Petco CEO James Myers

Goal: Remove products that promote violence and homophobia from Petco’s shelves

The violence-promoting, proudly homophobic “stars” of Duck Dynasty–a show that promotes and glorifies sport hunting–are selling a variety of products in Petco stores across the country. Products like dog cages and toys are sold with a Duck Dynasty logo prominently displayed on the package. This sends a strange and unsettling message to consumers: supporting animal killing and buying things for our pets go hand in hand. These products need to be removed if Petco is to continue the genuine promotion of animal welfare.

Duck Dynasty products do not mesh with the mission of Petco, which hosts adoption events and regularly provides grants to animal organizations. It is not the place of hunters, especially ignorant ones, to make millions off of pet products across the country. These individuals clearly have nothing to do with respect for animals or aid for pet owners, and thus their products have no place in one of the biggest pet supply stores in the nation.

The men of Duck Dynasty and their supporters have shamelessly proven that they have a profound lack of understanding for animal rights and human respect. We cannot continue promoting the success of such people. Please sign this petition asking Petco to remove these products from their stores as soon as possible.


Dear James Myers,

Petco has provided so many great things for animals and pet owners, like adoption events, grants for animal organizations, and healthy pet food. However, the sale of Duck Dynasty products in a store like Petco is unethical and sends a confusing mixed message to consumers.

Selling these products in your store tarnishes the good reputation that Petco has worked to cultivate. The men from this television show need to be told right from wrong, not be promoted through prominent pet stores. These people not only promote violence against animals for entertainment, but have now bragged about being homophobic as well.

Products like dog cages and toys that show the faces of hunters on the package give a strange and misleading message to consumers. These men have earned millions simply by killing animals, and now they are earning money by pretending to support animals. Their products are being sold next to the products of companies who have worked hard and earned support the respectable way.

While there will unfortunately always be a market for these uneducated, hate-promoting individuals, that market should certainly not include Petco. Please work to remove these products from your store.


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Photo Credit: zennie62 via Flickr

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  1. aristide armaganc says:

    ZZ Top in camo! Television is no longer scraping the barrel. It is the barrel.

  2. Barbara Chichester says:

    You would think in this day and age we would grow up
    from crude and barbaric ways. This vulgar, unintelligent
    show does nothing but promote stupidity and violence for
    children and adults. And to think they are getting paid
    for being stupid is outrageous. Take the show off the air.

  3. Ellis Toscano says:

    I have no idea why people find these idiots so entertaining and have made them into millionaires. They are crude, disgusting looking yahoos.

    • Holly Allison VH says:

      people are devolving, we are a nation of proudly pronouncing and promoting the dumb-ing down of America. Stupidity mixed with violence has become a way of life.

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It is disgusting how this morons make of animal cruelty a way of life. I have a personal boycot against this tv. show.

  5. Holly Allison VH says:

    Unconscionable. If the show can’t be banned entirely, at least those fools should not be permitted to profit at retailers which *supposedly* care about all animals. Duck Dynasty is a joke to anyone with a heartbeat and a brain; it’s an idiot show produced by idiots, about idiots and watched by idiots. My outrage is with Petco or any other greed-based, two faced retailer who is making even more money by catering to a cruelty based TV show – for what ? To pocket a few extra bucks ? Again, it’s Unconscionable.

  6. Is anyone else thinking of the Mandarin right now?

  7. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Our planet would be a better place to live on
    without all those square-brained redneck
    yahoos running the show!!
    I never watch that stupid show anyway,
    since a lot of the prime-time stuff on T.V.
    nowadays, is GARBAGE!!

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