Condemn School for Abusing Pig


Target: Mark Peterson, Superintendent for Greenwood County Schools

Goal: Condemn school for conducting barbaric pig rodeo at pep rally

A South Carolina school recently held a “pig rodeo” as part of a student pep rally. A juvenile pig was confined to a small pen while students and faculty chased the animal. According to witnesses, after being caught, the pig was repeatedly spiked into the gymnasium floor like a football. The school superintendent, Mark Peterson, was amongst those chasing and tormenting the pig. Many students were so upset by the incident that they left the rally in tears. This type of behavior would be unacceptable no matter where it happened, but the fact that this occurred at a school event makes it particularly abhorrent. We must tell this school that this type of animal abuse will not be tolerated.

The incident occurred at a pep rally for Ninety Six High and Edgewood Middle schools in Greenwood County, South Carolina. Apparently, school administrators thought it would be amusing to hold a greased pig rodeo. Any students that requested to leave the rodeo because they found it traumatizing were ridiculed by their peers and members of the faculty. After the event, numerous parents and students posted statements on Facebook denouncing the rodeo.

By the end of the ordeal, the pig could no longer walk. The day after the event a local animal rights activist named Joe Mann located the pig and demanded to take it to a veterinarian. Dr. Paula Watkins at Chinquapin Animal Hospital in Greenwood examined the pig and found many bruises and soft tissue injuries.

It is disheartening that local educators in Greenwood County, South Carolina would deliberately torture a pig as part of a student celebration. This sets an incredibly bad example for the students at this district. Some of the children may come away from the incident thinking that this type of behavior is acceptable. Other students were obviously traumatized by the incident. Please sign this petition and demand the resignation of Greenwood County School Superintendent Mark Peterson for his role in organizing and participating in this cruel event.


Dear Mark Peterson:

I am writing to you to express my outrage at the pig rodeo that was recently held at a Ninety Six High pep rally. This was a disgraceful act of animal cruelty that has no place in our society, and especially not at an institution of education for our children. Many of your students were obviously traumatized by the cruel event, and others learned a bad lesson. It is not acceptable to torture an innocent animal to amuse a group of young people that may or may not know any better.

You and the others involved in organizing this event should be ashamed of yourselves. You have embarrassed your school and your community. In light of your cruel, insensitive, and idiotic behavior, I encourage you to resign your position as superintendent of Greenwood County school district.


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Photo credit: Scott Bauer via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. How hateful you are to hurt a pig who is Gods creations you are a very mental individual to do this For a principal to allow this behavior and to partake of it and let see you acting like a freak It really makes me sick I would punish all who took part in this ugly situation I wonder if he throws his kids and wife to the floor

  2. Any of the students who participated in this sick display should be expelled, and any adults “in charge” at the pep rally should be fired.

  3. Absolutely disgusting, barbaric, sick, depraved and evil! To think this took place at a MIDDLE SCHOOL EVENT sickens me. I pray karma and the school board gives these people EXACTLY what they have coming to them! I would hate to see what these monsters do in private for entertainment!

  4. Superintendent Mark Peterson should be brought up on animal abuse charges, along with any of the faculty who participated in this atrocity. How could they allow this animal to continue to suffer – not able to walk.
    What the hell is wrong with you?

    Thank you, Joe Mann, for helping this animal. I’m afraid to ask how the pig is …

  5. Holly Allison VH says:

    There is something innately wrong and extremely dangerous with a school that promotes ritualized animal torture and abuse using the euphemism “pep rally” to promote animal torture and abuse. this is not adult behavior, sets the wrong example and is completely
    unacceptable behavior. If you and your team truly needs to spike something alive use the athletes younger siblings or the adults in attendance infants for such activities – spare helpless animals from your degenerate behavior. What a bunch of cowards, bullies and sissies if it takes harming something smaller and defenseless to get your jollies. Shame on you, your school and everyone around you including your family.

  6. Maybe they should play “kick the can” with the superintendent’s balls!

  7. DEMENTI!!!

  8. They are lucky I don’t live near them!!!! SICK SICK SICK SICK!!!!! I hope they go to hell.

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