Justice for Shark Brutally Shot to Death

Target: Alex Muñoz, Director of Animal Services Department of Miami-Dade Police Department

Goal: Ensure justice for shark allegedly shot to death by chuckling fisherman.

A hammerhead shark was allegedly shot to death by a Florida fisherman as it dangled helplessly from his rod. According to reports, the man shot the shark twice in the gill and chuckled as the poor creature bled out; the incident was said to be captured on video, and the shooter is currently assumed to be MTV reality star Alex Kompothecras. This incident comes much too closely on the heels of the shark dragged to death by a boat.

Sharks were once thought of as dangerous predators, feared by all, but this incident along with the aforementioned dragging, and the case of a beached shark used to open beer cans, is proving otherwise. Sharks are slowly joining the list of animals victimized by humans, and we must stop it before it goes any further. No animal deserves such abuse. Furthermore, it is illegal to shoot sharks in Florida waters.

Kompothecras is currently under investigation for the shooting, as well as for the aforementioned dragging and beer can stunt. Sign this petition to demand the truth be uncovered, and that the MTV star face justice if found responsible for the shooting.


Dear Director Muñoz,

An MTV star is currently under investigation for his alleged shooting of a hammerhead shark in Florida waters. The animal was shot twice in the gill and bled out as it dangled helplessly from a fishing line; the incident was captured on video, and comes on the heels of another shark being dragged to death behind a boat, which star Alex Kompothecras reportedly has ties to as well.

The poor creature did not deserve such a painful death. Sharks have long been thought to be solely dangerous predators, but as this incident and the boat-dragging have proven, they are quite vulnerable and susceptible to human cruelty.

The investigation of Kompothecras must be as thorough as possible, and if he is discovered to be the one responsible for the shooting, he must face justice. This shark’s death need not be in vain.


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Photo Credit: tanjila ahmed

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  2. Sonja Beyer says:

    Some men do like to be “HEROES” killing people and animals that are helpless! Very bad character!

  3. I really think they should start punishing people by doing the same thing to abusers as they did to the victims. Be it animals or child. These scum need to be stopped.

  4. Elizabeth Jache says:

    Will someone please shoot this piece of crap? And all the other assholes out there who think animal cruelty, torture and murder is acceptable and/or entertaining? I would gladly pay to see that.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    These guys will continue their torturing and killing of animals and sea creatures unless they are stopped. This is getting almost ridiculous. They are getting away with murder again and again, and the evidence is clear in their videos. Why have they not been arrested and thrown in jail?

    I say the punishment should be what they are doing to sharks, birds and other living creatures. Drag them behind a speed boat, tie them up and force beer down their throats, strap them down and just keep shooting them until they bleed out. They are disgusting human beings! I hope the reality show this moron is on can see the monster he is and let him go!

  6. I wish him bad luck in his career.Horrible person should be punished severely.

  7. I have to puke. Googled this asshole then you see a nasty, big-mouthed, primitive, asocial and dumb mass murderer. these guys are the festering pimple on the ass of society. this festering pimple you have to squeeze out. A characterless son of a bitch, NO respect and NO decency and NO honor
    I wish these many scum just the worst for their life

  8. WHAT A COWARD…NO ONE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY RESPECTS worthless LOSERS LIKE YOU…You will NEVER be anything in this industry. You think you’re smart but your a coward and bully. Only Bully’s like you vent out your personal frustrations and hate on animals and children who are gentle. KARMA IS COMING FOR YOU IDIOTS.

  9. Stephanie Geyser says:

    It’s a pity that MTV elevates pieces of crap like this scum to stardom, when they are just pathetic losers in real life.

  10. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    This asshole needs to be an example of considering his ‘fame’. He should be fined, publicly humiliated, jailed, and lose his job. And someone could throw a few fistfuls of rocks down his throat too, just for good measure.

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