Condemn Man Accused of Beating Kitten to Death


Target: St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce

Goal: Condemn man for beating his own kitten do death

A man in St. Louis, Missouri, was recently charged with felony animal abuse after striking his own 5-month old kitten several times until it died from its injuries. This is a disgusting act of cruelty that should not be taken lightly by the justice system. We must tell St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce to prosecute this man to the full extent of the law.

According to authorities, Andres Wiltz, a 23-year-old man from St. Louis, brought the kitten to a veterinarian because it was pale, cold, and struggling to breath. An examination by the veterinarian determined that the kitten had suffered bruising to its chest and kidneys, a broken pelvis and ribs, and a large tear in its lungs. Wiltz told authorities that the kitten, who was named Vader, became unresponsive after he repeatedly struck the animal in order to discipline it. Wiltz agreed to surrender two other cats he owned to the Humane Society of Missouri.

People should use positive reinforcement to discipline their animals, rather than resorting to striking the animal. If negative reinforcement is necessary, the owner can use a spray bottle or harsh tone as a deterrent. Beating an animal to enforce discipline should never be necessary.

Unfortunately, acts of cruelty towards domestic animals like this are all too common in the United States. Fortunately, the accused has been arrested for the alleged crime and charged with felony animal abuse. However, it is important that the prosecutor in St. Louis take this crime seriously to ensure that this man does not abuse another animal in the same way, and to set an example for others who might senselessly abuse animals in the same manner. 


Dear City Circuit Attorney Joyce:

I am writing to you regarding the case of Andres Wiltz, who is accused of beating his own kitten to death. Even though the accused brought the injured animal to a veterinarian, I find this to be a clear case of animal cruelty that merits that the accused be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Animal abusers such as this should be made aware that our society takes crimes like this seriously. People should be encouraged to use positive reinforcement to discipline their animals, rather than resorting to striking the animal. Please help to deter animal abusers like this from committing such horrific crimes by prosecuting the accused as he deserves.


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Photo credit: Harald Wehner via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby. says:

    I’d like to “discipline” this piece of trash myself and break his neck,amongst other things. Cowardly scum like him should not even be allowed to exist, let alone have animals.

  2. Business as usual in these United states of no care.
    It is way past time to implement laws to correctly punish animal abusers.
    Either stand up and do something or make way for those who will. Yes, I condone and support the likes of ALF, they DO step up and take action when needed.
    Anyone witnessing or hearing of these shameful acts of cruelty MUST take action.

  3. Aurela Zeqiraj says:

    What could a small little kitten possibly have done to deserve such discipline at 5 months old. Poor thing wish he could’ve survived :'(

  4. Aurela Zeqiraj says:

    When are people going to realize that if he did that to a poor innocent kitten I’m sure he could do it to a child or person this needs to be taken more seriously that’s why it happens so much because people are Let off so easy when it comes to animal abuse

  5. This sorry piece of s@#t should never be allowed to own animals or breed children! Don’t need oxygen thieves like him in this world!

  6. IDiOT, repulsive coward. Bullying and killing a kitten is beyond disgusting. Hope somebody disciplines you soon. COWARD nasty pos.

  7. this monster is no more than a coward imagine this poor dear little one looking up taking all the blows and not been able to do anything .so tiny and such an innocent life .what a coward for doing this .that what abusers and bullies are cowards .that dear precious life didnt get to feel love because he took that chance from it .heart breaking and i feel heartsick


  9. cristie caldwell says:

    This kind of sick abuse needs to stop now! ! There needs to be a a huge fine plus lengthy prison Time!!

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