Woman Accused of Kicking Cat in Video Must be Brought to Justice

Target: Jay Scott, Macon County State’s Attorney

Goal: Re-file aggravated animal cruelty charges against woman believed to have kicked a cat in a video.

Alexus Lowery was charged with animal cruelty after a video on her Facebook showed a cat being cruelly kicked. However, the charges against her have been dropped because there wasn’t “enough evidence” proving that she was the person in the video. The charges were dismissed without prejudice, which means they can be re-filed.

To post this sick video on Facebook is disturbing, but it’s terrifying to think that someone could allegedly be so heinous and sadistic towards and animal and get away with it. This helpless kitten deserves justice. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that this incident be further investigated, the charges be re-filed and justice for this innocent kitten be served.


Dear Mr. Scott,

A woman in your county posted a video on Facebook showing a cat being kicked. She was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, but unfortunately, the charges were dropped because there wasn’t “enough evidence” to prove that she was the person in the video. Clearly, anyone who would post this kind of video is cruel.

This woman should not be allowed to escape justice, if she’s guilty. We, the undersigned, demand that the charges be re-filed and that this poor, helpless kitten be given justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Michael Knapek

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  1. I am disgusted that a woman ‘BITCH’ could do such a sickening act of violence!!! SHE DESERVES TO GO TO JAIL AND GET THE SAME BEATING!!!!


  2. this sorry scumbag,a sorry excuse for a human needs to be dropped kicked
    through a goal post.the best punishment she could get would be to be drop kicked in to a swamp of gators. she doesn’t need a trial,she is proved herself guilty by the video. she deserves no plea bargaining or parole.

  3. sheila menache says:

    Kick this miserable slut – punish her and torture her the bit of low down garbage

  4. She posted a video and there is still not enough evidence !!!
    No wonder people talk about setting up their own vigilante groups – we can no longer rely on the justice system.
    What a wasted lie this woman is.
    All I can hope for is some Karma.

  5. christine warman says:

    Any animals should be taken away from abusers,how can they say not enough evidence when the looney woman has put herself on facebook,why should any animal have to live with abusers,I presume they would act the same with children.

  6. I think this case was closed too quickly. The bitch actually posted it on facebook, people saw it, she hasn’t a leg to stand on. Please give this case court time, consider the charge again and have the wisdom to prosecute and punish this savage woman.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Skanky little crack ho❗️?
    Hope she dies a miserable & horrible death❗️☹️
    Signed & shared ?

  8. Catch this bitch and put her sorry ass behind bar!!

  9. Kick that bitch to death

  10. Brenda Don't says:

    I hope this POS C* gets kicked in the gut by a horse!!!

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