Protect Pets from Anti-Vax Movement

Target: Simcha Felder, New York State Senator

Goal: Legislate against anti-vaccination movement threatening pets.

The anti-vaccination movement is threatening many of Brooklyn’s pets. Despite the alleged connection between vaccines and autism being proven false time and time again, many people in Brooklyn still hold it in enough regard to decline vaccinating their dogs against various diseases.

This is beyond unacceptable; it is disgusting. The anti-vaccination movement has done enough to harm humans; not only do its supporters continue to spread the wrongful claim that vaccines cause autism, but it has led many to allow their children to become ill and possibly die from easily preventable diseases. Now, it is trickling down to pets.

Owners claim they will seek alternate methods of preventing diseases, but it is all too likely that these dogs will die from distemper, rabies, and other illnesses if they are not protected. Furthermore, reports from a veterinary office say that autism has never been diagnosed in a dog, so the erroneous belief becomes even more ridiculous a reason to withhold such protection.

We cannot allow people to endanger the lives of their dogs due to inaccurate rumors and beliefs. Sign this petition to demand Brooklyn outlaw the anti-vaccination movement.


Dear Senator Felder,

Many pet owners in Brooklyn are applying the anti-vaccination movement to their dogs, refusing to have their dogs vaccinated against diseases such as rabies and distemper. The movement is already harmful due to its spread of lies; the belief that vaccines cause autism has been proven false time and time again, and aside from that, no dog has ever been diagnosed with autism. Such a thing is not possible.

You must stop this dangerous trend from claiming the lives of many dogs. Vaccines are vital to the upkeep of good canine health, and any pet owner who claims to love their pet should understand this. It should be illegal to deny pets protection against disease. Outlaw the anti-vaccination movement now, and ensure that all dogs receive the protection they sorely need.


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  1. Take this stupid misinformed petition DOWN NOW.. the movement Protect the Pets which I am proudly a part of has NOTHING to do with anti-vaxing… it is about Titer testing for antibodies first to prove immunity BEFORE vaccinating and using weight specific dosing so you don’t kill a living being!!

    • Joy Napier says:

      You are 100% correct- thank you!!!

      Sadly, ignorance is such bliss for many. Those folks need to educate themselves in regards to this very real, and serious issue. Archaic ‘laws’ MUST be changed.
      For a FACT, over vaccinating murdered our healthy, happy dog;it was NOT an adverse reaction! Animals MUST HAVE A TITER TEST DONE once initial vaccinations are given BASED ON THAT INDIVIDUAL ANIMAL’S WEIGHT! The industry is nefariously money/ greed driven.
      Question for the fool that started this petition: Do YOU get vaccinations every year although you know you don’t need to after you’ve already had them and it shows in your body via a test, that you have sufficient antibodies!?? The answer is NO!!! It’s NO different for a 4 legged animal vs the 2 legged kind.

  2. By the way this has not claimed even one life… ask how many lives have been lost to ovver-vaccinating!!

  3. Tammy J Bishop says:

    Whoever wrote this petition is so misinformed about pets and vaccinations. NO ONE is saying don’t vaccinate, we are saying there is no need to vaccinate once a titer test shows the proper level of antibodies in your pet’s blood. If you vaccinate a pet who is already protected, you create disease and illness in that pet. Those humans that are required to get the rabies vaccine due to their profession are not required to be vaccinated every year or every 3 years because they receive a titer test. If that test is good for humans, why isn’t it good for pets as well? Do your research and stop starting petitions you know NOTHING about.

  4. This is ridiculous! The issues not anti vax but over vaxxing pets. If a pet has antibodies they do not need another shot- why is it compulsory to have more if they are immune? Costly to owners and risks pets health. Do your research before signing.

  5. It is so sad to think that there are those trying to get this Protect the Pet movement banned. I bet most are money hungry over charging vets who are losing money by pets not being vaccinated yearly. I am all for vaccinating and making sure my pets are “safe” but not into killing my beloved pets due to over vaccinating. Within the last couple of years I had a vet give an nearly 11 year old dog a rabies shot who had Cushings disease and was a soft tissue sarcoma survivor. 7 months later this boy was dead. He was healthy despite his current medical conditions prior to the rabies shot. Did the rabies shot directly kill him? I do not think so but it certainly would have further weakened his immune system. I did not know better at the time and trusted my vet (now ex vet). I no longer trust anyone and do my homework before allowing any vet to do anything to my pets. It is sad but money is the root of all evil even if it means the money is obtained while knowingly helping to kill our pets. Disgusting!!!!!

  6. Teresa Nunley says:

    This petition is misinforming the public. Over vaccinations are very common, and has to stop. A simple, accurate blood test will protect our pets against over vaccinations, which leads to suffering, and death. I always ask for it for my pets. I may spell this wrong, but I think it’s spelled Tetter. It’s the blood work that just takes a minute. Rabies for example, may not have to be given one, twice, then your pet will be protected from the virus for life. Please don’t sign this petition. It only lines the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

  7. You know it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your pet only needs 1 rabies vaccination in their life…unless of course they are bit by another animal with rabies…which is highly unlikely at least in the United States. Einsteins’, so why are all you screaming armchair warriors blowing gaskets all over the place?! Jesus Christ! And btw unless you are a veterinarian you have no idea what it costs to be come one….and I’m not talking about just student loans! Don’t go blaming vets for all the bullshit! Blame these cheating vaccine companies! And the people for letting them get away with all this highway robbing crap! UGH!

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