Demand Legitimate Protocols for “Free Range” Suppliers


Target: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Goal: Hold free range suppliers to protocols deserving of the title

Currently in the US, free range farms are virtually exempt from strict protocols. It has become crystal clear that the “free range” label ensures little safety for animals and is largely misleading. If the term is to gain any legitimacy, meat and egg suppliers must be held to meaningful standards.

Many animal rights supporters have visited free range farms and reported horrible conditions. Some farms allow animals to suffer, die, or remain in cold dark rooms for most of the day. Meanwhile, they are touted as humane suppliers. Consumers begin buying from these companies, assuming that the animals  lived and died humanely.

The requirements for a farm to be considered free range are extremely minimal. In some cases it means a small door with barely enough room to fit a few chickens. Pigs and cows aren’t even offered this much. The animals may be sick, starved, or put through the painful process of debeaking. Free range animals are often slaughtered inhumanely, the same as any run-of-the-mill factory farm. These suppliers still have the audacity to claim superiority, recruit consumers, and charge more for their products.

The USDA has created free range requirements, yet they are barely enforced. If inspections are failed, these companies should lose the right to free range labeling on their products. Sign this petition demanding detailed and frequent inspections for supposed free range farms.



Free range meat and egg suppliers are held to very few standards. It is not uncommon to hear reports of animals from free range farms being confined, sick, or inhumanely slaughtered. This makes the “free range” label completely meaningless. It deceives consumers who try to buy products carefully, and it does nothing to improve the lives of abused factory farm animals. Even worse, it implies that conditions are improving, while in reality they are not.

The very least that can be done is to frequently inspect these farms and hold them to high standards. This means outdoor access to grass for all of the animals for a large portion of the day. Visitors to these farms have come forward, claiming to have seen animals dying or confined to freezing dark rooms. These farms are lying, and in no way represent what their “free range” label implies.

Consumers should have the right to decide on products based on honest and straightforward labels, not immoral sales tactics. Letting these farms operate independently has led to total dishonesty thus far. Please require frequent and detailed inspections of all farms that claim to be free range.


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Photo credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission via Flickr

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  1. these people should only be allowed to sell their eggs straight from their farm, so people can see they are free range, surely it is not to much to ask that the dear chicken should not still be suffering the most horrific way of life, all down to money, I will always pay more for a free range eggs, but I have my own chickens we saved from slaughter, and just watching them become free is wonderful, they are funny and so sweet, I am lucky I do not need to but any eggs but thousands of people do. so make it work for the chicken they are doing us a favour by giving something to use, lets be grateful, treat them right.

  2. Catherine desjarlais says:

    Yes, I never buy anything but free range. I hope they are truly FREE RANGE, and not clever marketing.

  3. I’m vegetarian but almost vegan. I stopped buying eggs when I found out that male chicks are grinded alive even on “free range” farms. Everything is a lie. Go Vegan and hopefully no animals die with insecticides because of vegetables.

  4. I witnessed an undercover video of a cage free chiken farm. It was no better than caged chickens. They were all crammed in and some were so fat they couldn’t move. There were deceased birds on the floor also. The birds never saw the outside of this prison. And no I do not eat meat or chicken of any kind, in deference to the animals. And there is no such thing as humane slaughter, almost like saying a woman was raped, but it was OK, because she was only gently raped.

  5. In regards to the inhumane slaughter, my understanding is that Nitrogen gas can be used to take away the suffering of animals that are going to be put down.
    When they breath the Nitrogen they pass out; they could then be put down in that state.

  6. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:


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