Put an End to Cruel Bear Bile Industry

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Target: President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping

Goal: Stop the cruel practice of moon bear bile farming and save thousands of bears from captivity and torture

More than 10,000 moon bears are locked away on Chinese bile farms, where the animals are regularly “milked” for their bile, which is used in the making of traditional Chinese medicines as well as everyday household cleaning products. Extracting the bile is an incredibly invasive and painful procedure that often leads to massive infections in the bears. Despite the fact that a large number of effective and affordable herbal and synthetic alternatives are readily available, the barbaric practice of bear bile farming continues.

Bears on bile farms are usually housed in small cages that are only slightly larger than their bodies, making them unable to turn around or even stand up. Most farmed bears are dehydrated, starved and suffer from multiple diseases. Some bear cubs spend their entire lives in these cramped cages, enduring up to 30 years of abuse and neglect before malignant tumors ultimately kill them.

Although the Chinese government has helped facilitate the rescue of nearly 300 moon bears by demanding the closure of illegal bile farms, the suffering of thousands of bears that are still imprisoned must be made a priority. By signing this petition, you will be urging Chinese government officials to set a firm date on when bear bile farming will end and will help save thousands of moon bears from a life of imprisonment and torture.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for China’s recent efforts to close illegal bear bile farms and ensure the rescue of the 285 moon bears that were imprisoned and abused because of this barbaric industry. Sadly, more than 10,000 bears are still suffering on these cruel farms despite the availability of affordable and effective herbal and synthetic bear bile alternatives.

Farmed bears are kept in small cages that prohibit them from turning around or even standing on all fours. They are usually dehydrated, starved, and suffer from a variety of diseases for which they never receive proper veterinary care. Not to mention, the act of “milking” the bears for their bile often leads to massive, life-threatening infections.

Please make this issue a priority by setting a firm date to end bear farming in China and help to save thousands of bears from a life of abuse and neglect. In the meantime, please encourage the use of herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile.


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Photo Credit: Art G via Flickr

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  1. this is so out dated now, it just seems that it is more fun to make these beautiful bears suffer, what a life, I cannot see why any one would still be doing it, unless it is cheaper than the stuff one can buy. plus they do not think what they are doing is wrong, which is even worse, to make some thing suffer all their live time, wicked people, hope it comes back to bite them sometime in life.

  2. Stop this cruelty, no more bear biling…and it is of no use
    now. It’s out-dated. You are wicked people. BARBARIC PEOPLE…

  3. Colleen Marie says:

    The chinese view animals as food or for work. When you consider they murder female fetuses and babies just because they are female why does it surprise ANYONE they would be cruel to animals? Get a clue! STOP buying anything from China.

  4. Colleen Marie you have a very strong and valid point, boycott their products do not buy Chinese, until their Government enforces laws banning this odious and evil practice, when their growth and trade is affected they will soon realise that these revolting practices have on place in a civilized World

  5. China??
    When are we going to sanction this crazy country for all their inhumane practices?
    A supposed “advanced” society still living in the 16th century.

  6. Barbara Chichester says:

    Please stop this and the eating of dogs and cats which
    is done in a horrific way. They are torn apart and boiled alive. There is not need to torture these animals anymore. It is barbaric and crude and unintelligible.

  7. jolanda van laarhoven says:

    have mercy on these poor animals please !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. vicki ginoli says:

    Words can not express how inhumane this is – if they are so into extracting bile from gallbladders – these crazy asians need to do it to each – bile is bile – stick a tube into your buddy gallbladder or your own and then leave it in for a month or two and see how it feels.


  9. I guess now I can’t buy Chinese products, too. I cannot buy fur, or leather, silk, satin, fleece, etc. I really don’t mind if it is for the animals. And I also don’t eat any animal products.

  10. No way to appeal to humanity in China but worth letting them know how normal people feel.

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