Justice for Horses and Farm Animals Allegedly Left to Starve

Target: Matthew Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney

Goal: Harshly punish couple who allegedly failed to care for animals, leaving them to starve and suffer, despite warnings.

Three malnourished horses, six chickens, and one potbellied pig were reportedly seized from a property in Pennsylvania because the owners had failed to provide necessary care for the animals. All of the animals were reportedly showing signs of weight loss, which the owners were unable to explain. SPCA Chief Humane Officer Nikki Thompson said one horse had lost so much weight that “its hips, ribs, and spine were clearly visible.”

There were a total of five horses on the property, but two of them had previously been relocated for rehabilitation due to problems that allegedly went unresolved by the owners. According to court documents, the owners didn’t provide the poor animals with necessary food, water, or veterinary care. The SPCA had begun receiving animal welfare complaints about the owners for months, so the owners were ordered to provide immediate veterinarian care. Unfortunately, a month later, the animals were still experiencing  inexplicable loss of weight. Bucks County SPCA Executive Director Linda Reider said that they’re optimistic that the animals will be able to make a full recovery, but “the road may be a long one.”

It’s sickening that despite warnings and follow-up visits from the SPCA, the owners still appear to have refused to do something for these innocent animals. They seem to have allowed them to continue suffering, when they could have released them into the custody of officials when the first horses were seized. People like this should not be allowed to own animals. Please sign this petition to demand that this couple be punished and banned from ever owning animals in the future, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Weintraub,

Multiple horses, a pot-bellied pig, and chickens were reportedly seized from a property in your county when the owners failed to provide them with necessary nutrition and care. According to the SPCA, one horse’s health declined so badly that its ribs, spine, and hips were clearly visible.

Some of the horses had already been taken from the owners and sent for rehabilitation months before the rest were seized. Instead of feeding the animals or choosing to release them into the custody of authorities, the allegedly allowed them to continue suffering. We, the undersigned, demand that this couple be punished and permanently banned from owning animals in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: BLM Nevada

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  1. Marsha Brink says:

    Why don’t the People who are instructed to check on These animals held accountable. No need to keep giving these owners 2,3,4,10 weeks to get it right??? If its not right the 1st no longer than the 2nd time being checked on….take the animals….if the owners really want and care about the animals,they can go to court to get them back….which they prob won’t even fight for them.We shouldn’t lv these animals in the hands of owners who neglect,starve,torture there animals while they are so called ” getting it right”…..in the meantime animals are suffering and ultimately dying.ASPCA and other organizations do awesome work– Bit I don’t understand All the TIME these owners have to make thing “Right”.We are checking on these owners for a reason..and that’s for healthy animals,if the owners aren’t taking care of each and every animal they have….Take Them!!!! Don’t Keep giving Chance after Chance

    • I agree the people that go check on these poor animals didn’t do their job so the poor animals were tortured more I say fire them and get people that care properly for animals

  2. Every heap of shit has more right to live than this goddamn bitch
    Sadistic vile cunt
    Lock this sadistic vile cunt away permanently . He needs fucking torturing in jail .
    I have to say it: “has 1 animal life for me worth more – than 1 million people.” because who atrocities much and mass murders are in order or makes himself, his life is not worth it.
    of great atrocity, Noxious

  3. why weren’t these animals seized right off the bat why did the spca go in there and just give warnings they knew these people weren’t looking after these poor animals and yet they let them stay there they are to blame just as much they’re paid to help animals not leave them to this cruelty fire them and get people that do their jobs right punish these creeps that starved these poor babies

  4. lynn woods says:

    why weren’t these poor animals taken away in the first place and the so called humans charged and not allowed to have anymore animals to the people who went after them in the first place do your jobs your supposed to be looking out for the animals that’s what your payed for well earn your money

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