Save South African Wildlife from Extinction

Target: Baleka Mbete, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa

Goal: Protect the wildlife of the Kalahari Desert from extinction.

The onset of climate change could render the aardvark extinct, creating a negative ripple effect for wildlife as a whole. A team of scientists studying the wildlife of Southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert found that all but one of their research subjects and other aardvarks in the area died due to the extreme heat; not only were their bodies unable to handle the temperature, but the area was sorely lacking in the ants and termites the species feeds on.

The danger to this species goes beyond the aardvark itself. Many birds, mammals, and reptiles seek shelter in the tunnels dug by the aardvark; they cannot dig by themselves, and should the aardvark disappear, these animals will soon follow suit as they are unable to protect themselves from the weather or from predators.

This goes beyond protecting a single species; this is a matter of saving all African wildlife. We must do more to halt climate change and to ensure the survival of these animals. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection for the aardvarks, and by extension, the animals who depend on them.


Dear Speaker Mbete,

Aardvarks are suffering from the extreme conditions in Africa’s Kalahari Desert; their bodies cannot handle the abnormally high temperatures and dry soil, and they lack a reliable food source. According to reports, it is all too possible that this species will be close to extinct soon.

It is not just the aardvarks we need to protect, either. Their disappearance will negatively impact other wildlife; birds, mammals, and reptiles rely on the tunnels dug by aardvarks as protection from weather conditions and predators, as well as spaces to breed. They cannot dig their own tunnels, and should the aardvark die out, so will these other species.

All of this loops back to the onset of climate change, which we must continue to halt at every turn. We urge you to do all you can to fight the damage done by climate change and protect these animals from extinction.


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Photo Credit: Louise Joubert

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  2. The only way the wildlife will survive is if Africa acquires white leadership. It is corrupt beyond comprehension. I lived there for twenty years so I am speaking from experience. Th current black leadership is selling out to China and as everyone knows China lacks integrity and compassion.

    • Rachael Markson says:

      Thank you for posting that information Marisa. I wasn’t fully aware of how bad it was and agree with you about China. Thank you.

  3. Sugandha Nagaraja says:

    Scientists have declared this is the 6th mass extinction.To stop it we need to be more environmentally friendly such as stop eating meat, have less kids and etc… Let’s make it a better place for all

  4. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  5. lynn woods says:

    I think it’s about time hunting in Africa and all over the world is put to a stop some animals are becoming extinct what will be left for our grandchildren when all they can see is some animal that used to live is in a museum. these trophy hunters are nothing but sadists they aren’t brave enough to face the animal they have to kill it just for it’s head or pelt when is going to stop and as far as Africa selling out to China well we all no what China thailand Korea and veitnom does they kill and torture dogs and cats

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