End Export of Wild Baby Elephants to Zoos

Elephants - Martin Harvey - World Wildlife Fund

Target: Zimbabwe Minister of Environment and Tourism Francis Nhema

Goal: Save wild elephant calves from being kidnapped and exported to zoos that are ill-equipped to care for them

Last fall, four baby elephants were captured, taken from their mothers, and exported from their natural home in Zimbabwe to zoos in China. Two of the calves were transported to the Taiyuan Zoo in northern China while the other two were sent to Xinjiang Safari Park in northwest China. Sadly, one baby elephant delivered to Taiyuan Zoo has already died and the remaining calf is seriously ill. Clearly, the Taiyuan Zoo is ill-equipped to provide proper care for elephants and Zimbabwe officials must stop the exportation of these incredible creatures immediately.

Various elephant experts and veterinarians have expressed concern for Taiyuan Zoo’s surviving male calf, as his skin is covered in marks and sores, his lower stomach is swelling, and he is severely underweight. Although it is obvious that the calf needs immediate veterinary care, the zoo has refused all offers of help.

While it is true that even modern zoos can find it difficult to follow the most up-to-date standards required to fulfill all of the physical, psychological and social needs of these complex and intelligent creatures, the Taiyuan Zoo’s atrocious living conditions are completely unacceptable. Denying veterinary care to an animal that is clearly in physical distress is extremely callous and cruel, and must not be tolerated.

By signing this petition, you will be urging Zimbabwe government officials to ban the kidnap and exportation of wild elephant calves and help save these intelligent creatures from a life of isolation and misery in an inadequate, unsuitable environment.


Dear Minister Nhema,

It has come to my attention that Zimbabwe authorities are considering exporting additional wild elephant calves to Chinese zoos in the coming months. However, I urge you to show compassion for these complex and intelligent creatures by banning all future exports of baby elephants.

Last fall, two baby elephants were kidnapped from their homes and families in Zimbabwe and exported to the Taiyuan Zoo in northern China. Sadly, one of these elephants has already died and the surviving calf is seriously ill. Taiyuan Zoo has denied the calf veterinary care despite the fact that his skin is covered in marks and sores and he is incredibly underweight.

Please do everything in your power to save Zimbabwe’s elephant calves from a life of isolation, physical pain and psychological distress in substandard Chinese zoos.


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Photo Credit: Martin Harvey via World Wildlife Fund

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  1. deb spanhake says:

    The Asians along with the Chinese and any other poor country that do not care for the welfare of the animals need not be able to care for them at all eliminate all animals from their countries ban any animals to have to be born just to die. Oh so we have a monopoly on lives in general and need so many of the people and animals to die. I am at a lost for how human deal with the animals and their no care non compassion for their very lives without animals we humans are nothing and will spiral downward to non existence we will cause our own demise by hurting the [planet, polluting the air and murdering the animals!

    • Great Ideas about prohibiting the use of any animals in such sick countries, cities or states. However, to make real changes in this mad world we need to establish an international LAW ~ because Crimes of all sorts against nature must be punished severely, and without any exception, whether they are “businesses”, institutions, factories and farms, or psychotic individuals .

  2. micheline dm says:

    It is plain criminal to take away/steal a baby elephant who needs itd mother so much.I freeze from emotion just at the thought how both of them are crying of mental and emotional pain.This is plain theft and cruel to this Godgiven animal.
    The Chinese have a terrible/shocking reputation when it comes to animal rights and respect.My thoughts go to thousands of dogs,poor souls suffering at the hands of these unworthy people.The UN must interfere for all animals too.Please release this baby elephant to a kindhearted shelter.One day China and others will experience the plagues they deserve.

  3. Why kidnap devoted, elephant mothers, baby calves? Then take them to some far flung back water with no idea how to care and nurture, such delicate and sensitive animals. It is a no brain type decision and this type of behaviour is abhorrent and has no ethical explanation what so ever. I am just so annoyed and upset with people in authority who should know better and also be better stewards and ambassadors for elephants and other wild life that is in danger. If the leaders in Zimbabwe the home of these baby elephant calves cannot say no and stand up, like real caring stewards for these endangered creatures, then I have to ask who the hell is? I know one thing we the human race cannot go on raping the earth and disrespecting such beautiful sentient animals who deserve better than what the human species has thus far dished out. While a percentage of the human species do all they can to be good stewards and work for the protection of endangered animals. The unscrupulous put up road blocks at every turn and close their eyes to the terrible trade in animal products for dubious reasons and no scientific value. Until Governments get a shot of some serious testosterone and track down and punish animal poachers and traders, then we are going no where except, maybe a slow leaky boat to China.

  4. Rita Grahn says:

    Do yourself a favor – read “The Elephant Whisperer” by Lawrence Anthony, and you will see what intelligent animals elephants are – and that their babies should NEVER be stolen from their mothers, especially for the “entertainment” of cruel humans.

  5. Emily March says:

    China. Always that name popping up wherever animal abuse is concerned. Now blackmailing Africans into making money. Endlessly cruel and cynical with all that. – They make me shudder…

  6. Emily March says:

    As if brutality and indifference in the field of animal abuse in Africa weren’t enough, China doubly adds to it. Greed and cruelty may be their “culture” but not everyone is prepared to put up with it folks! – There are/have been some very enlightened cultures in Asia, Tibet for one. But China put a stop to that, didn’t they? – They now are trying to infiltrate Western countries with some of their communist party-politics nonsense, creating ‘multinationals’ and taking over companies , quietly expanding their ‘realm’ as it were (or trying to…). – Creepy, cold, selfish and cruel is what I call them AND their think-alike, act-alike, friends in Asia, HELL ON EARTH! Do we actually live on the same planet? Ghastly!

  7. I wonder if you guys know that America is the 2nd largest importer of ivory? Not to lessen China’s disgusting habits where all animals are concerned in any way, they are by far the worst, and I just do not understand why this is so hard to stop. It jus does not make sense to me…why are they continually allowed to do things like this? It isn’t like no one knows wha happens to these precious little babies and mothers.

    I just don’t want us to forget that America is not even close to without fault…unfortunately we are a very large part of what is happening to these beautifully intelligent and emotionally advanced souls.

  8. Las leyes de protección hacia los animales deben ser universales, que controlen la conducta en todo el mundo. Alto a los secuestros y crímenes de especies de la naturaleza. No toleramos más la invasión ni la arbitrariedad de los chinos en el planeta.

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