Justice for Hundreds of Cats Found Dead Inside Barrels

Target: Vikki Bair, Crown Attorney of Ottawa, Ontario

Goal: Whoever is responsible for the barrels full of dead cats must be found and banned from ever owning animals in the future.

Dozens of cats were reportedly found dead inside of a home just a week after a news channel had showed them roaming the residence. Ten barrels, each containing 40-60 dead cats, have been found so far, and volunteers have reportedly filled two trash bags full of the poor cats’ carcasses, along with over 70 live cats and kittens. Volunteers have been at the house for days just trying to trap the live cats, then take them for veterinarian care, and then to foster homes.

According to the Ontario SPCA, there’s a potential that the people responsible could face charges, but the investigation has been “difficult because many volunteers are removing the cats from the property and taking them to get care before investigators can assess them.” It seems that whoever is responsible for this was killing the poor cats and stuffing their bodies in barrels like garbage, which is cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent cats be given the justice they deserve.


Dear Ms. Bair,

Animal volunteers have reportedly rescued over 70 cats from a single residence. According to outlets, they’ve also found 10 barrels of dead cat carcasses, each containing between 40-60 bodies. In addition to the disturbing barrels full of dead cats, they also say they’ve already filled two garbage bags with dead cats. The live cats are being trapped and sent for veterinarian care.

Whoever is responsible for this disturbing cruelty is clearly a danger to cats. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to make sure that these cats are given justice. Please see to it that the people responsible for the numerous deaths and suffering of innocent cats are banned from owning animals for the rest of their lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cameron Daigle

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  1. Olive Baker says:

    this is why no one takes animal cruelty seriously. We’re mocked and laughed at and accused of being overzealous or too sensitive because we fight for the humane treatment of animals. You all sound like a deranged group of emotional basket cases. This document lacks any of the basic info Crown gives a crap about. There is no date, time or location of the supposed offence. The assumptions, accusations without any facts. The profanity and hysterical ideas about what sick and deranged event happened to the cats. No one will listen to this crap. You can’t convict someone for something, somewhere for somethings and shit on his constitutional rights while you demand it. Get a hobby or look for better meaning and stop hindering legitimate pursuits for better stronger and concrete laws. This rubbish is an insult to our Justice System and I would never want any of you anywhere near a court room where myself or my colleagues are trying to be a voice for Animals. You friggen loons.

    • Dawn Nelson says:

      Lady….WTF are you rambling abour? Your comment makes absolutely no sense! If you’re a troll then I say crawl back under your rock and if uou aren’t then make your comment intelligent.

  2. Olive Baker says:

    I’m still stunned. You’re all insane and the token Vegan has piped up, just to add the extra layer of crazy. I feel duller in the head just reading this. It’s like you suck up the good oxygen only to expel tiny particles of nothing. I feel contempt now. Goodbye forever

  3. chuck them bastards in a barrel filled with concrete.

  4. Track and kill, this human shit does not deserve to live
    So much sick in the head you have to exterminate

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I hate son of a bitches who do sh!t like this❗️?
    Hope they rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  6. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    Where did this take place? If it was a house as they say, who owns the house and why are they not identified in the petition. I can’t imagine that the SPCA who are highly trained would not take care to document the live cats/kittens before removal or at last immediately there after, having taken pictures etc. What took place is horrific and cruel beyond belief but it is important to relay accurate facts to Petition supporters. My hopes are that this despicable person/persons are identified and they receive jail time and have all their assets seized and given to Animal Shelters. RIP sweet cats/kittens. Having assets seized is the best way to make them pay for their cruelty.

  7. they must know who did this why aren’t they charged throw them in barrel and let them slowly sufficate

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