Repeal Law Criminalizing Reporting of Factory Farm Abuse


Target: Governor Clement Leroy Otter

Goal: Repeal law that criminalizes animal abuse reporting

Idaho lawmakers have signed a bill creating harsher penalties for those who report factory farm abuse. Abuse investigators who hide their intentions in order to gain access to farms may receive both jail time and a large fine. This means more protection and less accountability for workers who abuse factory farm animals.

Lawmakers claim that animal abuse investigators create “interference with agricultural production.” However this would clearly not be the case as long as no abuse was occurring. Unfortunately when animal rights investigators do spy, they frequently find abuse. Thus, this bill is directly preventing animal abusers from being caught and prosecuted.

Lawmakers have completely ignored public outcry against the bill thus far. Many believe it is simply an attempt to maintain profits from Idaho’s growing meat industry. Many believe that the recent growth in Idaho’s factory farms can be attributed to the weak regulations, making it a desirable place for irresponsible factory farmers.

This is not the only anti-accountability law Idaho has passed in recent years. Money-obsessed factory farms need to be held accountable like all other businesses, and the government does not even seem concerned. Please sign and share this petition demanding that Idaho lawmakers repeal this disgraceful law.


Dear Governor Otter,

Despite thousands of petition signatures and community protests, Idaho lawmakers signed a bill that criminalizes the reporting of animal abuse on factory farms.

Reporting such issues would not be necessary if factory workers would simply follow the laws that are already in place. However, more often than not, undercover investigations unveil illegal activity. Unsanitary conditions and horribly injured animals are the norm, and by enacting this law, you give the public no option but to accept it.

Americans who buy from factory farms would like to know that what they are eating is safe and free of disease. More importantly, Americans would like to know that animals are not being severely abused by criminal workers. However severe abuse has already been discovered in Idaho.

It is clear that this law benefits no one except criminal factory farms. Animals suffer, the public suffers, and farms continue to go unregulated. The government of Idaho must pass harsher laws, or require more thorough farm inspections if this law is to stay in place. Animal rights are not a priority in Idaho, and prosecuting animal rights investigators is the harshest offense yet.

This law ignores the wishes of the majority and supports factory farms for profit. Repeal this law.


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photo credit: thejesse via Flickr

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  1. When good men and women do not speak out evil flourishes, all under the disguise of laws to silence those that speak out, what needs to be done is to launch a total consumer boycott of all meat products coming from the State of Idaho, citizens of Idaho must make sure that those who they elect to public office to serve are people of integrity, compassion and honesty

    • WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

      Boycott ALL of Idaho’s products and
      go vegetarian or vegan!!

      I want Gov. Otter and his henchmen overthrown!!

  2. I emailed, individually, every Idaho Nazi (most of them) that voted for this. These gestapo a-holes wouldn’t know Freedom of Speech or Freedom of the Press if it bit them on the ass. The law even requires them to turn over their recordings to the law (seizing their property). It is so disgusting it makes blood shoot out of my eyes. Just like the animals’ they have no problem with getting abused and tortured if the price is right. They can all go straight to hell. Oh, and Arizona is pulling this bullshit too; they even want to reduce animal abuse from a felony to a misdemeanor. I hope the all die of fucking cancer.

    • Brenda Hixenbaugh says:

      EYG you are absolutely right. Anyone that would make it where animal abusers can get away with abusing helpless animals are nothing more than abusers themselves.No human being would put road blocks up to hide the horror and torture that gos on. I say human because abusers are not human they only look like they are.Well I think it is about time to have a MEGA BOYCOTT on anything coming out of Idaho and if Arizona follows in this disgusting path then add them to the BOYCOTT.That means not going to it,through it, or buying anything that comes out of that state.These people need a serious wake up call and the best and most affective is hit them where it hurts the most ~ their pocket books~ so spread the word and have all your friends etc., do the same. I to am sick of the sic people that are running these states, that are as inhuman as it gets.They have to be. You know they have had to of seen the film footage on what was being done to those animals and still they want a law like that.What they got some relative that is that way and they don’t want them caught on film. It stinks to high heaven. When they can put a dammed dollar ahead of pain and suffering then they need to go find the nearest psychiatrist and start getting the help they need.Well they can just get what is coming to them so start on your end and I am going to hit it from this end and anyone else out there that wants to stand and be counted start typing and sending.Operation bring Idaho to its knees has just begun.

      • WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

        Fill me in….
        I’m ready for a major revolution
        against Idaho’s redneck Nazi mentality.
        It’s time to rise up, storm the Capitol building and overthrow Otter and his henchmen!!

    • I live in Idaho and will be working as hard as I can to see we vote in humane representatives and a new Governor. This Governor and this legislature (with about a dozen exceptions) is an embarrassment. Presently, the Idaho Dairyman’s Association and the Cattleman have more clout in government than the voters. I’ve talked to at least 100 people about this and I’ve only talked to one who was for the bill. Anyway, if you have friends in Idaho, please remind them who to thank and support and who to VOTE OUT soon. Here is a link to the bill and if you scroll down, you’ll see who voted for and against this abhorrent law.

    • SUE GRIFFITHS. UK. says:

      Here here.

  3. Covering up abuse of helpless and trapped animals is akin to saying “I support slavery and the abuse of children.” What morals and ethics are the legislators who voted for this following? Is financial profit really more important than respect for life? Does The Golden Rule only apply to one species? Is Narcissism what we desire for the future of the Human Race?

  4. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    In addition, I want Gov. Otter and his henchmen forcibly removed from office, prosecuted, convicted, and executed for their crimes against Nature, animal cruelty, and high treason against the United States!

  5. Stephanie says:

    What a horrifying scary bill. I am so saddened for these animals. God only knows what these evil people do to them. It seems like such a hige step in the wrong direction/backwards. I will definitely not be buying products from Idaho or visiting there.

  6. jeanie Tottenham Tave says:


  7. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    I think the entire bloody legislature AND that stupid redneck governor, along with their inbred wild-west fuddy-duddies
    ought to be tossed into the slammer for 1000 years,
    or EXECUTED for their acts of TREASON!!!

    I every product that comes from Idaho
    should be removed from store shelves and destroyed,
    as well as calling for a complete embargo of ALL products
    that come from that treasonous state!!!

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