Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea

Target: Seon-Bong Hwang, Mayor of Yesan, South Korea

Goal: Shut down dog meat farms in South Korea.

Over 100 dogs and puppies were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where they were forced to live in disgusting conditions. Locked in cramped cages, wallowing in their own waste, their feet swollen, dogs kept on this farm are made to suffer before their eventual slaughter.

The slaughter of dogs for their meat is barbaric enough, but the extent of their pain and suffering before they meet their fate adds a new layer of horror to the dog meat industry. Dog meat farms are less common in Korea as of late, but several still do exist, and far too many dogs are forced to live in their deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed and sold as food.

According to reports, the farm in rural Yesan that the dogs were rescued from has said they will be transitioning from dog meat to crops. But one farm stopping the production of dog meat is only a small part of the solution. These farms need to be completely shut down to better the chances of slowing and eventually halting the dog meat trade. Sign this petition to demand South Korea shut down any remaining dog meat farms that continue to operate.


Dear Mayor Seon-Bong Hwang,

Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm under your jurisdiction. While this farm reportedly claims to be transitioning to crops, there still exist such farms where dogs are kept in deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed. No dogs deserve to live in such conditions to begin with, and to have them suffer in isolation, wallowing in their own waste as they await the butcher knife is beyond inhumane.

You must see to it that this farm not only keeps its word and transitions from dog meat to crops, but that other dog meat farms are shut down as soon as possible. The dog meat trade is cruel and inhumane, and the sooner it comes to a halt, the better.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thailand-Vietnam Animal Crime

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  1. simon hooper says:

    these revoltingly cruel bastards, you can only hope the bastards die a terrible painful death hoping.

  2. Evil,sick in the head,cruel and nasty…these farms need to be stopped!!!!!!!!….the sick fuckers that do this must be punished severely!!! WHAT THOUGHTS GO THROUGH THEIR MINDS AS THEY LOOK AT THESE POOR PET DOGS IN PAIN AND SUFFERING??…AND THESE BASTARDS ARE ALLOWED TO WANDER THE EARTH AMONGST US!!!SICK AND VILE INDIVIDUALS

  3. Evil wicked subhumans!


  5. DO N O T BUY Korean gadgets. Can you just boycott all Huaweis ???

  6. lynn woods says:

    something has to be done to stop this evil but then of course it’s an oriental country this is what they do they love to torture and kill I say drop a bomb on all of Korea whether it be that mental idiot in the north or the dog eaters in the south I mean all of Korea and that goes for any other oriental country that torture and kill dogs and cats put them in cages and starve them then bring then out hang and beat them to tenderize the meat then kill them like they do dogs and cats

    • KatWrangler WELCH says:

      Thank you, Lynn, for including cats in your comment. Because of society’s 2nd class view of cats – “it’s only a cat” – the petition writers tend to exclude them, and they suffer and die just like any dog does.

  7. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    I sign every and all petitions on this horror. But PLEASE, everyone should realize that CATS are eaten there, too. And they suffer the same treatment, and die in horrible ways. And they’ll continue to suffer and die unless we speak for them.

    What concerns me the most is – if dogs are no longer raised for food, what happens to the cats? PLEASE make this about cats, too. They seem to be the forgotten, and deserve our help.

  8. Bear de Mel says:

    Cruelty to all animals is universal. I can’t think of a single animal,bird or fish we come into contact with who does not suffer at our hands. Endless education, harsh punishments for abusers, and those who love all animals should join and support powerful effective organisations like PeTA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which has global reach. There are many groups of brave committed people, Hunt Saboteurs Bikers Against Cruelty who break up dog fights and save the dogs, people who go undercover risking their lives to get evidence, if we love animals we must support them , and above all act quickly and never remain silent when we witness cruelty. We all have a part to play. There are many ways to combat cruelty.

  9. RE ALmanace says:

    Don’t forget the cats– they go through an equal amount of PURE HELL

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

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