Improve Horrific Conditions at Slaughterhouses


Target: Ziyad Shbib, Governor of Beirut

Goal: Improve animal welfare and conditions for animals in slaughterhouses

A recent food scandal has created an opportunity for several Lebanese animal welfare groups to pursue improving conditions for animals at slaughterhouses in Lebanon. Several of these slaughterhouses have been under scrutiny for years due to health concerns. This isn’t simply an animal rights issue. If the animals at a slaughterhouse aren’t being treated properly, the food supply is always at risk of being contaminated. The conditions at Lebanon’s slaughterhouses must be improved immediately before any more people or animals are made to suffer.

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour initiated the scandal when he revealed the names of several supermarkets and restaurants that have been selling contaminated products. In response, Ziyad Shbib, the governor of Beirut, ordered the temporary closure of the Karantina slaughterhouse until it is updated to meet food safety standards. Following the closure of Karantina, three more slaughterhouses and a chicken farm were also closed, including Tripoli’s main slaughterhouse. The animal welfare group Animals Lebanon is hoping the scandal will convince government officials to pass a comprehensive animal welfare law that was submitted to the Cabinet earlier this year. The law would improve a variety of animal welfare issues, including regulations for slaughterhouses.

Peter Stevenson, chief policy adviser for Compassion in World Farming (CIFW), met with several government officials in Beirut in an effort to bring attention to animal welfare reform and also to try to ensure that when the slaughterhouses reopen, animal welfare will be a primary consideration. “What we would say, and I think we’re very backed up by science on this: If you’ve got bad welfare conditions, you’re also going to have bad food safety,” Stevenson said. CIWF has been pushing for the closure of the Karantina slaughterhouse for nearly two years. The animals in Karantina have no protection under the law and, as a result, are subjected to any number of abuses. Workers who are untrained in how to properly slaughter animals hang cattle by their legs and leave them there for long periods of time, often over puddles that have collected from the blood of other animals.

It isn’t simply the abuse either. The treatment these animals are forced to endure is a direct threat to human safety. Please sign the petition below and demand that Lebanon pass legislation to improve conditions at its slaughterhouses for the good of both animals and humans.


Dear Governor Shbib,

The recent announcement that several supermarkets and restaurants throughout Lebanon have been selling contaminated meat has led to even more alarming information about the conditions at the slaughterhouses that produced the contaminated products. The conditions at these slaughterhouses are deplorable. Many of the workers don’t even know how to properly slaughter an animal, nor do they exhibit any effort to sedate or calm the animal first. Their solution is to hang them from the ceiling for hours, or even days, before killing them.

Not only are these conditions an appalling example of animal cruelty, they have, and will continue, to put the public at risk. Animal welfare has a direct correlation to food safety and this cannot continue. Please pass legislation to improve the conditions for animals at Lebanon’s slaughterhouses.


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  1. jean terjan says:


  2. There is nothing wrong with killing animals for food, it only becomes a crime when they are treated inhumanely before and during death. Since these animals lose their lives so that we might continue living, every effort must be made to ensure their health, comfort, and swift, painless death. Slaughterhouses like this are an abomination and it is good that this terrible treatment of animals is finally coming to light, and people are doing something about it.

    • Raven De Bonaire says:

      Nothing wrong with killing animals! Are you for real!?!? Tell that to the creatures who are losing their lives & are treated like shit “cos their going to die anyway!” The milliins of animals who die & their meat isn’t used it ends up rotting in meat mountains! Tell it to the day old calves snatched from their mothers teat, shoved in a crate & executed at a few months old! Or the make chicks thrown alive into mincers cos they are male. I could go on & on! Humans are not natural meat eaters. We aren’t designed to eat meat in the first place. That is why there are so many processes done to the meat so carnivores can digest it! I bet you pick & chose which animals you think are acceptable to eat (cows. Pigs, sheep) but think its wrong to eat dog, horse etc. No its wrong to have any animal murdered for human consumption! If you want to eat meat rearit, care for it & slaughter it yourself! Do your research before you make such a rediculous statement!

      • The only reason I don’t live in the vicinity of a slaughterhouse is I know I would have to “pop-off”a few people involved in this barbaric practice, enough said I’m a vegetarian for every reason

        • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

          Carl, I was a vegetarian most of my life until I researched the dairy industry and what happens to the cow/calf bond and then the calves afterwards, well that same second I became vegan. Not saying you have to become one but dairy and egg industries are hell on earth!!

      • Bina pannell says:

        Raven de Bonaire –

        I salute you!!!!!

    • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

      Kate exactly – are you for real??? Read Raven’s response carefully! What she says is absolutely spot on!

  3. Disgusting

  4. How about slaughtering politicians !!! Would be wonderful I think, I can say that- I’m a vegetarian -as long as stupid humans are stupid there will be horrible politicians, SO SLAUGHTER POLITICIANS AND WE’LL ALL BE BETTER OFF, EXCEPT OF COURSE THE POLITICIANS THEY’LL BE BE IMMORTALIZED AS THE HORRIBLE BARBARIC
    ASSHOLES THEY ALL ARE, and you there out in (I love to eat “meat-land” eat plenty and get many, many diseases!! Bon appetite!

    • I agree, Many politicians are SCUM and would love to see em slaughtered.
      Violence against animals is still largely ignored and makes me so mad. This world is so pathetic and getting worse.

  5. I feel so so sorry for farm animals — anyone who acts to help them and comes to their defense is an ACE in my book — I love you for what you do for animals & I want to thank you deeply — STOP EATING MEAT — there are farms where animals are treated lovingly from birth onward: (HFAC – CERTIFIED HUMANE RAISED & HANDLED) … but, STOP eating meat anyway! When you buy from abusive and cruel farms, you’re supporting horrible and unconscionable people who are mentally unstable.

  6. Sam Outhorn says:

    Abominable. Makes one ashamed of belonging to the human race…

  7. Stan Benton says:

    Fine, let’s make the slaughter more humane, like doing away with Kosher slaughter, and the sickness pointed out in this petition. But c’mon, these disgusting places would all be shut down if people would just quit eating the rotting corpses of murdered animals. Yes – go vegetarian. Better yet – go vegan. You’ll also be much healthier.

  8. Justice pour toutes créatures.

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