Justice for Pigs Confined to Tiny Crates and Jabbed at With Pipes

Target: Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Goal: End cruelty in the factory farming industry.

Pigs are seen confined to tiny crates and beaten with pipes in disturbing footage published by an undercover animal investigation. In an undisclosed pig farm in Waikato, New Zealand, footage taken by welfare organizations Farmwatch and Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) shows sows biting and struggling against farowing cages, or tiny cages designed to limit the movement of mother pigs so that they don’t roll over onto their piglets. The video shows the sows unable to turn around or take more than a step in either direction, and barely able to lie down for weeks at a time. The shocking footage also shows piglets being pulled away from their screaming mothers and thrown into containers, as well as an employee using a feeding pipe to jab a sow in the head.

Unfortunately, this abuse is commonplace in the pig farming industry. These cruel cages are the industry standard, and animal abuse tends to run rampant in farms, where financial profit is often valued over the welfare of the animals.

The government recognized that farrowing crates are inhumane and a breach of New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act, which requires animals to be able to engage in natural behaviors. However, according to SAFE, new welfare standards put in place to remedy the cruelty only require a small amount of extra space in crates, still leaving sows unable to move or turn around.

These crates should be banned altogether, and increased punishments for animal cruelty by farm workers must be implemented. Demand that the New Zealand government make an effort to stop the cruelty rampant in the factory farming industry.


Dear Mr. Guy,

An undercover investigation of an undisclosed pig farm in Waikato has revealed shocking abuse. Pigs are seen confined to tiny cages, unable to move and barely able to lie down. They are seen struggling against their cages and being prodded and jabbed with feeding pipes. Unfortunately, this cruelty is commonplace in the pig farming industry.

Farrowing crates should be completely banned, and increased punishments for animal cruelty by farm workers must be implemented. We, the undersigned, demand that you implement new protections to stop the cruelty rampant in the factory farming industry.


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Photo credit: SAFE

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  1. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Nathan – This abuse is centuries old and it’s time to put an end to it. I implore you to do the right thing here and use your position and power in leading the way towards change for these wrongfully abused animals. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too, having just as much a right as we do to live their lives on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. We need you on our side Nathan – please!

  2. Ditto…..what Kathy said! Well put! Its a total and complete MYTH that animals dont feel pain and suffering! They are made of flesh and blood just like we humans are!
    And pigs are extremely smart! They arent just “dumb animals”! Lets start raising our consciousness and elevating humanity so that the world becomes a more humane place ! ANIMAL LIVES MATTER!

  3. Beautiful animals they all have feelings leave them all alone don’t hurt/kill them all any more. This has got to stop!now! Vegan for life!

  4. Jim Takahashi says:

    This is Noo Zooland’s greatest shame!

  5. sheila menache says:

    What is the matter with people that they have to always inflict pain and suffering on some poor hapless animal – is it a way of overcoming their own inadequacy

  6. How on earth is this humane? This is so cruel one has to wonder what goes on inside the heads of the so called humans in charge. In charge of a filthy squalid hell hole of mysery.SHAME ON YOU IN CHARGE.

  7. NO living being should be tortured! It just sickens me what’s behind those pieces of bacon, burgers, etc. anymore.

    • *correction* not “anymore”. I should’ve said “ever”. Because I’m sure this has always gone on , but is now being exposed more .

  8. All farms that raise livestock should have cameras install for the wealthy of all animals.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared😡

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