Justice for Hedgehogs Kicked to Death by Teens

Target: Micheal Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland

Goal: Increase animal welfare protections for hedgehogs, who are being kicked around and beaten in the streets of Irish cities.

Two hedgehogs were recently kicked to death by a group of teenagers. According to rights group Hedgehog Rescue Dublin, there have been multiple reports of related cases coming out of Clondalkin, Ireland. A young volunteer saw the incident and immediately called the charity before calling her mother. By the time authorities got to the scene, the animals were already dead. Their corpses were bloodied, bloated, and left in a park.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in Ireland. According to Yvonne McCann, zoologist and founder of Hedgehog Rescue Dublin, there are “a lot of hedgehogs coming into us that have been kicked around. That’s unfortunately quite normal. Especially when people are drunk on the way home from the pub, they just kick them around like little footballs.” Another case involved a hedgehog being brutally bashed to death with a can, and many more are hit accidentally in traffic.

Authorities are currently asking the public to come forward with any information they may have. Unfortunately, the lack of witnesses means that the search has been difficult. In order to ensure that deliberate cruelty toward animals is stopped, these cases must be taken seriously. Even though these teens may not be found, an increase in the punishments for such cruelty could help deter it in the future. Sign the petition below to ask that protections for hedgehogs and other animals are increased.


Dear Mr. Creed,

Two hedgehogs were recently kicked to death by a group of teens. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Ireland. According to Hedgehog Rescue Dublin, there are several cases each year of the animals being injured or killed by cruel people who kick them around the streets. One hedgehog was even beaten to death with a can.

Incidents like these must be put to an end. While authorities have hit a dead end in this particular case, harsher punishments for this type of cruelty could save hedgehogs by deterring these thoughtless acts. We, the undersigned, ask you to seek to improve protections for hedgehogs and other animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hedgehog Rescue Dublin

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  1. I would love to kick the shit out of these human filth f$%$kers before they go to hell. What gives any human the right to destroy life? Animals only trying to survive like everyone else and live in peace.

  2. Patricia Folman says:

    What kind of an imbecile does something like this?

  3. Patricia James says:

    So nice to know that this is what our next generation will be doing. You vile, sick Irish scum. Sickening!!!!

  4. They need to receive HARSH punishment for their vile actions and NOW, to deter them from doing anything worse.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Rot in hell u cretin pricks❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  6. Kick this scum to death!

  7. you think someone would’ve stopped this!!! it was in the street!
    Wish i could kick & torture this filthy living afterbirth scum to death!!!

  8. Ms Robyn L Reichert says:

    Why is this not being taken seriously, I don’t understand, if you can treat an animal so carelessly and cruelly, what do they do to their kids? This is despicable, please put an end to it! And if you see something like this happening take pictures and get the person’s identity, this should not be happening!

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