Punish Suspected Poachers for Poisoning Over 100 Elephants

Target: Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe

Goal: Punish suspected poachers under the fullest extent of the law if found responsible for poisoning over 100 elephants in Zimbabwe.

A suspected elephant poacher has been captured after fleeing officials for over four years. He, along with at least two others, is believed to have poisoned over 100 elephants in and around Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. In the last month alone, it is believed that a dozen elephants were killed after they gathered at cyanide-laced salt licks.

The most recent deaths sparked an intense manhunt for the poachers, resulting in the capture of these three men. Given the fact that Hwange National Park has been given international attention following the death of Cecil the Lion and most recently, his cub Xanda, it is vital that protections for wildlife be increased in and around the park.

If these three suspected poachers are found guilty, they must be punished under the fullest extent of the law to deter potential copycats. Sign this petition to urge officials to seek justice for the cruel and senseless poisoning of these elephants.


Dear President Mugabe,

Hwange National Park has lost over 100 elephants in recent years due to cyanide poisoning. Now that there are three suspected poachers in custody who are believed to be responsible, it is necessary that justice be sought for the rampant killing of these intelligent and sociable creatures.

Elephants across Africa are in need of our help. The illicit ivory trade has emboldened poachers to try a variety of measures, including poisoning, to kill elephants for their tusks.

If these poachers are found guilty of having caused the cyanide-related deaths in Hwange, they must be be given the maximum penalty and be severely punished for their crimes. To do any less is to risk the future of Zimbabwe’s elephants.


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Photo Credit: Sokwanele Zimbabwe

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  1. Candy Niewinski says:

    Zimbabwe has absolutely no respect for thier animals, if this keeps up there will be none left! This was a disgusting act of cruelty and justice needs to be served for these poor elephants that must have suffered terribly.

    • Your statement that Zimbabwe has absolutely no respect for their animals is not only untrue but a slap in the face not only to the National Parks Rangers, but also to all the people and groups who give of their own time and money to help protect its wildlife. Find the end users of the ivory and rhino horn trade and punish them because it is they who encourage the poaching.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is sick. I hope they catch the bastards!

  3. RENEE HOWARD says:

    Just punishment..
    All involved should be made to partake in the same salt lick..3rd world toilet…3rd world toilet mentality..

  4. Nooshin Perla says:

    God Damn these hunter and poachers!! I wish some how we could get red of them for good. They will pay for what they do, but I wish it was now! So we the animal lovers would have some peace in our minds!

  5. JNDauterive says:

    A death sentence would not only be fair but would serve as a discouragement to other self-serving illegal poachers. There are plenty of humans left, and elephants need protection.

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