Keep Abusive Circuses out of New York


Target: Mayor de Blasio

Goal: Ban circuses that use wild or exotic animals from New York City

The abuse that circus animals suffer is well known. An elephant that wears a funny outfit or stands on its hind legs with a ball has most likely been beaten into submission, and the same goes for other performing animals. New York may soon ban the use of wild or exotic animals like tigers and elephants in circuses. Ringling Brothers Circus says if this happens it will no longer perform in New York City. Encourage Mayor Bill de Blasio to adopt this measure and keep the Ringling Brothers’ brand of animal cruelty out of New York City for good.

About 96 % of a circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages. Trainers rely on whips, electric prods and bull hooks to coerce the animals into submission, and after each performance the animals are forced into cramped trucks or trains to be transported to the next venue. This is all done for the amusement of people who are ignorant that abuse occurs or too insensitive to care.

The animal abuse that occurs at circuses like Ringling Brothers should be made a thing of the past. Cities all over the country have been enacting local bans to ban the use of animals in circuses. The United Kingdom has also passed a ban that will become law in 2015.

Ringling Brothers Circus has been cited for numerous violations of the United States Animal Welfare Act. Yet every year the circus comes back to New York to perform. Animal rights organizations are pushing for the ban on exotic circus animals that would cancel all future performances, but they need help. Sign this position and keep animal abusing circuses like Ringling Brothers out of New York City.


Mayor de Blasio:

The cruelty that circus animals endure has been well documented. Circuses like Ringling Brothers that use wild and exotic animals in its performances have been cited for numerous violations of the United States Animal Welfare Act. The spectators of these circuses are often ignorant of the abuses that these animals are subjected to for the sake of their entertainment.

I know that the New York City council has been considering legislation that would ban the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses. If this ban were to pass in New York it would set an important precedent for other large cities to take similar action. Please take action to ensure that this ban succeeds in New York City.


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Photo credit: trialsanderrors via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. abusive circuses shouldn’t be kept just out of new York, they shld be kept out of everywhere…they shld be shut down

    • Circuses are abusive mishandled and very sad with any animals used. The beautiful elephants are bullhooked kept in chains small pens and made to do things that nothing of such size should be made to do. It cripples them as with the bright lights they become blind for life. The noise not only do elephants pick up w through their ears they pick up all vibrations in their massive feet. I am ashamed of any that use animals as circuses do. Have human acts the trapeze, the clowns, doggies jumping rope. Use good kind inventive ways but NEVER should tigers elephants, bears, lions, any of these intelligent sensitive creatures be at mans beckoning. I WE implore you to cease all this insanity cruelty with so much harm being done. Please. Thank you Deborah Sherman

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Ban! Please!
    Thank you!

  3. what is this the dark ages ?? you’d expect this from a 3rd world country but not America for goodnes sake – ban all circuses who use animals for entertainment

  4. Mohan chatterjee Mohan chatterjee says:

    Ban circuses that use and abuse animals.

  5. The time for animal circuses has long gone. They are no longer acceptable to the majority of people in the Western world. The more people find out what happens to these poor animals in order to make them ” perform”, the more abhorrent they will find the mere idea of these “excuses for entertainment”. We must keep up the pressure and keep spreading the word.

  6. Helen Chieco says:

    they all should be banned everywhere……..

  7. Kathryn Giallonardo says:

    Circus is animal slavery and torture.

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