Put an End to Roadside Pet Sales


Target: Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer

Goal: Prohibit the sale of animals on public streets and highways

In Arizona, inhumane and irresponsible breeders make a huge profit by selling their animals in public venues such as alleys, highways, parking lots, and street corners. These cash transactions impose no accountability on the seller’s part, so the buyer has no guarantee that the animal is in good health and no knowledge of the conditions under which they were bred. If the pet has any health issues as a result of improper breeding practices, there is little opportunity for recourse against the breeder. Thankfully, new legislation would prohibit the sale of animals on public streets and highways, protecting the animals as well as potential buyers.

The majority of these innocent cats and dogs are purchased impulsively and once their new owners realize the emotional and financial burden that a pet can impose on one’s life, the animals are often surrendered to overcrowded animal shelters where they are eventually euthanized.

Since the animals are usually not vaccinated, selling them roadside poses serious health risks. In most cases, these animals have not been spayed or neutered, which only adds to an already serious pet overpopulation problem in local communities.

By signing this petition, you will be asking Arizona government officials to support this bill and help prevent backyard breeders that do not provide humane, safe conditions to continue to breed and sell animals. You will also be protecting purchasers from unknowingly buying an unhealthy cat or dog that they cannot afford to properly take care of, saving hundreds of animals from being abandoned and eventually euthanized.


Dear Governor Brewer,

I respectfully ask you to support legislation that prohibits the sale of animals on public streets and highways. Backyard breeders and pet mill operators that sell animals on public roads and street corners are not regulated, allowing the breeders to operate with little to no accountability.

These animals have often been deprived of even the most basic and humane needs, and due to irresponsible breeding practices, many of them are afflicted with congenital diseases that can be left undetected until the animal reaches maturity. Unable to afford the costly medical treatments, owners surrender their pets to local animal shelters where they are housed in tiny cages until they are adopted or euthanized.

Please vote in favor of regulations that would ban roadside animal sales and protect pets and consumers from unscrupulous breeders.


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Photo credit: Nikita Kravchuk via Flickr

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  1. Put a stop to it now tougher legislation and guidelines.. Tougher sentencing !!!! Barbaric the way animals are moved around like this and mistreated beyond me!!. So cruel.. Let’s get it right and stop giving people do many choices when it comes to animal welfair treat animals right the way they should be treated once and for all and if people ignore these laws they should get tough sentences not fines otherwise they will do it again!!! Simple! …

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please help and protect these precious defenseless animals!

    Thank you!

  3. Stop this stupidity now. These animals cannot go on like this, probably tiny spaces, lack of stimulation or enrichment, this must stop!!!!

  4. Jo-Ann Solazzo says:

    Maybe our President needs to step up and Do Something About All this Animal Abuse, and stop this killing in animal shelters

  5. We lived in Tucson for 15 years. The kittens and puppies I saw at swap meets made me want to take them all home, after beating the hell out of the sellers.

    Puppy mills and kitten factories have got to go away for good. I think everyone over the age of 18 needs to visit their local animal shelter to see the homeless animals waiting to die because of stupid, compassionless humans. People need to take their blindfolds off, no matter how painful it is.

    Adopt from shelter. No animal should be born to die.

    ♥ your pet … have them ♠

    • Shirley Moore says:

      Right! Unfortunately many people have no respect for other living beings! As long as they can make money from something they do not care who or what is hurt and mid-treated!

  6. People who breed animals for profit should get a job. They are poor, stupid, uneducated ignorants that keep spreading their dumb DNA and need to rely on food stamps and breeding of innocent animals to support their stupid seed; needles to say…that those who buy from them are even dumber…please God stop making stupid people. Amen

  7. Paula Thurston says:

    Ban all roadside selling of all Animals…… This is an easy way for Animal torturers & abusers to obtain innocent Animals to murder

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