Stop Testing Lethal Pharmaceuticals on Animals


Target: Janet Woodcock, FDA Director

Goal: Stop testing pharmaceutical drugs on animals

Every year thousands of animals die in laboratories so that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can approve questionable drugs for our consumption. Dogs, cats, primates, rabbits, and other animals are subjected to horrors like opiate poisoning, often for the majority of their lives until they are hastily euthanized. No one knows what they suffer and no one provides pain medicine or treatment to these animals.

Drug companies are required to complete extensive research and tests before a product is approved for release. One would think that this makes all of the drugs on the market safe, yet news reports suggest otherwise. Humans regularly develop liver damage and other grave ailments through the use of supposedly safe medications; medications that were tested on animals.

Veterinary surgeon and zoologist Andre Menache describes animal testing as “less reliable than flipping a coin.” Trying to predict a human’s reaction to a drug will never be entirely possible using animals.

The FDA has approved numerous drugs that have “passed testing” only to discover that they drastically increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Innovative alternatives to animal testing include human cultures, surgical specimens, and physiological chips, all of which require no animal or human harm.

Sign this petition demanding that the FDA stop wasting innocent lives for the sake of profit.


Dear Janet Woodcock,

While brilliant technological advances for pharmaceutical research go ignored, animals continue to be experimented upon and thrown out like garbage. Testing drugs on animals in order to ensure human safety is known to be unreliable. Fatal reactions to legal drugs and the steady flow of drug recalls each month confirm the inefficiency of current testing methods.

Various advanced alternatives to animal testing are already being developed and used. Pharmaceutical companies, with access to millions of dollars and the most capable scientists, should have no problem affording and implementing these alternatives. There is no excuse to continue to use a system that is unnecessary, notoriously unreliable, and overtly inhumane.

The FDA has the power to alter requirements and influence current practices. Both humans and animals in the US deserve better than rudimentary pharmaceutical testing.

This system leads not only to the death and torture of animals, but also to unreliable medicine being placed on the market for human consumption. Please phase out pharmaceutical testing on animals and make room for better methods.


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photo credit: Nestlé via Flickr

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  1. The Pharmaceutical Companies know that any tests done on animals are not conclusive, human bodies and tissue are not the same, surely it does not take a rocket scientist to understand this, it is the same old story Big Business and the GOD almighty DOLLAR has spoken again. JANET WOODCOCK YOU ARE A UNFEELING HUMAN BEING AND SHOULD NOT EVEN BELONG TO THE HUMAN RACE, GOD HELP YOU WHEN YOU AND ALL THESE OTHER ABOMINATIONS STAND BEFORE THE CREATOR ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT.

  2. I need to take a bone medication for osteoporosis. I learned that the drug I take was tested on rats who developed osteosarcoma. However, there were no records of humans developing this illness. What a waste, I wrote to Lilly pharmaceuticals to complain and that, I believe, Merck is to start using alternative testing methods. If Merck is capable, then why not Lilly company. As expected I rec’d no response. I hope to refrain from the medication as soon as possible.

  3. Holly Allison VH says:

    It’s almost unfathomable that the pharmaceutical companies contiune to promote extreme crualty for useless results. Are the lobbyists and CEO’s so stupid and archaic that they do not comprehend that there are better and more accurate computer programs developed to achieve the same goals ? In which case they must be removed from office and/or political position. I am tired of clueless idiots running the world. We *must* vote these fools out, become a force against lobbying for archaic practices, become the stronger lobbyists and fight the ‘old boy network’ a system which creates our pols and our laws. We need to stop the insanity, the stronghold mindset of “If it’s easy,cheap and profitable, just do it”. ENOUGH.

  4. Alice Calkins says:


  5. Paula Thurston says:

    Pour chemicals in their eyes & down their throat and see how they feel….****POOR INNOCENT ANIMALS**** are NOT put on this earth to be tortured by inhumane, mindless idiots called people,,, they are not people, they are evil scum!!!!!!!

  6. Franca Menegon says:

    Quelli che sono contro la sperimentazione animale ma usano i farmaci.
    Quelli che ammazzerebbero un bambino per salvare un roditore.
    Quelli che se il bambino fosse il loro…?
    Quelli che “se ci estinguessimmo sarebbe un mondo migliore!”
    Quelli che però non cominciano per primi.
    Quelli che sono vivi grazie alla ricerca e se ne lamentano.
    Quelli che “fermiamo la vivisezione per salvare gli animali!”.
    Quelli che poi portano il cane dal veterinario.
    Quelli che la chiamano “vivisezione”.
    Quelli che con limone e peperoncino passa tutto, anche il cancro.
    Quelli che sanno come sostituire i test sugli animali ma non te lo possono dire.
    Quelli che le scoperte scientifiche “non ci risultano…”.
    Quelli che hanno le idee chiarissime ma non sanno come spiegarle.
    Quelli che hanno cominciato a rompere i coglioni da piccoli, non hanno ancora finito e ancora non sanno perché lo fanno.
    Quelli lì.
    Dove ci porteranno?

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